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Hello From SlowMoneyFarm

January 2, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s the start of a new year, and for some reason many think of it as a blank slate. We have a chance to start over.

We have, of course, a chance to start over everyday. Yesterday is gone. We can’t change it, but we can change what actions we take now. If you haven’t seen WordPress’ blog introducing Zero to Hero, take a look at it (especially if you’re starting to blog!). For those who are recent visitors, we’ll play along here as there are many who have followed more recently.

Four years ago the blog here was started. The first post was made without knowing if anyone would read it – and over time people have come to the page, subscribed, commented, liked posts and put your faith in us as being worthy of the time to come here and look at what I have to say, what we have to share and, hopefully, it relates somehow to the lives of our readers. After all, we all eat and all have food choices!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’re unconventional, in many ways, at SlowMoneyFarm. It can be an issue for some folks to wrap their heads around, but we started where we were with what we had – that was northwest Alabama with a small spot of land and not a lot of money. We’ve built it into raised bed gardens, heritage breeds of poultry  and rabbits, and are not just building a business but building a life. We believe strongly in food choices, as is clear if you read the blog.

Through the blog we share that real life – the good, the not so good, the struggles and sometimes the discouraging times that happen. We share information about agriculture in general as well as rabbits, turkeys, particular breeds and varieties, slow food and sometimes “life” things. Occasionally I’ll share about dogs, horses or simplicity items, as it relates to us or to those we envision being customers. Sometimes we share what we do – what we mean by a farm share or other item we offer. Sometimes it’s how those shares, subscriptions and other items help us be sustainable and help other people.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGoing forward into 2014 we hope to share more of it – from health to the challenges of agriculture on any scale to things in the news and how it might relate – or not – to what we do. It’s a chance to learn about a small corner of the world we’re in charge of.

There are critics. There are those who don’t like what we do. There are some who do, who are outside of our area but interested, who agree, debate and discuss the issues put forth in the blog. I’ve noticed that in daily blogging for some reason Thursdays can be problematic, so I’ll be making an effort this year to schedule in posts on Thursday for fewer skipped days! After all, that’s roughly 52 chances to learn something new!

And every once in a while we touch someone’s life, make someone think about something a little differently, teach someone something they didn’t know, learn something ourselves or make a difference. That’s why we continue doing this, even on those too busy to think days.

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