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Almost Arctic Alabama

January 6, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s cold in Alabama tonight. Keeping water going is a big thing – leaving it dripping and insulation doesn’t always work. Of course, too, there’s watering the animals.

The rabbits do not like the break in routine or the funny bowls they’ve been offered, and are bent on dumping them.

Doing chores in non-cold weather shoes makes one hurry along! So far the critters are holding up well, although it’ll be nice to let the bigger dogs outside more like usual.

Those up north have quite a bit of snow to contend with that we don’t here. Drivers where there’s snowy areas should take precautions including watching for loose livestock. Snow drifts can sometimes allow escape of livestock.

I’ve seen several lost pets posted before the storms – if you see a dog or cat let them in a warmer area, even a garage, to warm up and try to find their owners. Facebook has many community pages now that can reunite animals with pets. Remember pets can escape after car accidents or other things – don’t assume there’s not someone looking for the dog you found.

As we shiver through another night it’s been holding at 55-60 in the house here. Glad there’s extra wood available from storms last year! It’s a blessing now. With one rabbit having a roof tin come off last night, all made it through fine, thankfully. Tonight’s another cold one – feed, water and hay to help them. Plenty of corn for the birds.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’re all looking forward to spring! Seed catalogs and the Growers Supply catalog provide some warmer views and thoughts. It’s 18 degrees at just past 6 p.m. so will be a COLD night tonight. Many are facing much worse.

The storm has claimed a life up home, when a 35 year old man got stuck and, against safety advice, left the vehicle. His vehicle was found at about 930. After police and snowmobile search, his body was found at 2 a.m. Very sad start to the year. The bitter cold claims lives. And the cold weather is behind our plans for a barn for the rabbits that is climate controlled – no more frozen water.

There are times that inside is indeed more humane. Windbreaks, barriers, feed, water, shelter – and a heap of prayers and luck. Be safe out there!

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