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5 Random Things That Make You Go Hmmm

January 16, 2014

BudweiserClydesPaulKeleherCreativeCommonsEver have or see those situations that make you wonder, pause or say “hmmm” (or worse!).

Here’s five recent things that did that.

1. OK so the big plans to get rid of the carriage horses in New York City. A mayor was elected to specifically put the carriages out of business. It’s not enough to regulate them – oh no.They must be gone. Banished. For the good of the horses because horses shouldn’t be around crowds, traffic and congested areas. They shouldn’t be made to pull things and work.And yet that doesn’t apply to all working horses. In traffic. In congested areas. Indeed some are requested, welcomed and celebrated. (Photo gives a hint!)  Hmmm.

2. The “Professor” from Gilligan’s Island, John Russell, died of kidney failure. Growing up, Gilligan’s Island was an often watched show, but it never made sense the things he could make with coconuts and all but couldn’t fix the boat to get off the island. Hmmm. 🙂

3. People believe there is but one source of seed for farmers, even when seeing and ordering from more than one source of seed. Hmm.

4. The way to save animals is insulting, ridiculing and stealing from people in the name of compassion. Hmmm.

5. There’s a shortage of Kraft cheese and it’s headlines. Panic. Dairy farmers are still milking and producing the real stuff. 🙂  Hmmm.

Any more?!

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