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Be Nice

January 24, 2014

Have you ever frequented a business where drama seemed to rule? The clip from Roadhouse (released in 1989) is classic advice from a classic actor. The main character, portrayed by Patrick Swayze, is hired to straighten up a bar. He observed a typical night and here he institutes changes in three simple rules. There is some language here, so fare warning.

When I see a business owner or employee being hateful and crude, I don’t want my business to go there. When there’s someone that from the first comment, contact or email goes beyond having a bad day to being insulting and hateful, we don’t have to engage.

Because we’re customer orientated, we seek those who not only we can get along with but have a chance to have a good experience with. Whether a subscription, a trial farm share or larger farm share, our customers are unique. Because we don’t have unlimited farm share customers, there’s more contact than a stop at the grocery store. We try to make that contact as good as possible.

Now some might say it’s the aura of the farm or believe that the food absorbs good and bad, but we think it’s just common sense choices. When you choose us it should be personal. It should be more than just a financial transaction.

Because life is too short for negative drama.

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    January 25, 2014 2:00 PM


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