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10 Options With Trial Farm Shares

January 25, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith a variety of shares, packages and other items available at SlowMoneyFarm, it’s a chance to get a taste of several things. The shares are mix and match – pick what you like, don’t pick what you don’t care for.

That said, we have trial shares to let people try a few of something without long term obligation. Many things can be shipped, at cost, and it provides good food for those interested. What can $100 buy? Here’s ten one item only options! (You can mix them up!)

1. Ten farm raised whole dressed chickens. No additives, and like all chickens no additives, hormones or chemicals added. We don’t inject our birds with water or flavoring so you’ll have to add seasonings before you cook them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2. At 3/$2 there’d be enough peppers – sweet or hot! – for the most pepper loving of families. Love salsa or stuffed peppers? Dice them for homemade pizzas or other dishes. These can be of several heirloom varieties.

3. Over 100 fresh heirloom tomatoes. We have heirlooms and hybrids. Like the peppers, all nonGMO, no chemicals, good home produced compost and fertilizer.

4. Five dressed whole rabbits. All white meat, lean, heart healthy rabbit meat fits a healthy lifestyle. Try them BBQ’d, grilled, deboned and used in chili and enchiladas. Oh and save those bones for broth!

5. Five dressed whole ducks. Foodies are raving about duck fat. Duck is a definite full flavor departure from the ordinary fast food meal! Check the link while your ducks are growing for some wonderful ways to prepare this special treat.

6. Two young dressed geese. Heritage breed, fine for a holiday meal or make a special occasion any time. If you haven’t had goose for dinner before, we recommend this book while your geese are being raised!

7. One dressed heritage, outdoor raised turkey. No additives. If you have thought about an heirloom, outdoor raised turkey here’s a chance to try one. The heritage breeds grow slower, with a little more texture and flavor than the lower priced grocery birds.

8. Gourds – several types! Like our others, heirloom focus dominates. Edible as well as decorative types available. We’ll have white pumpkins too. Prices will vary some with variety.

9. Heirloom package – carrots, squash, peppers, tomatoes and more. All heirloom, all grown without chemicals.

10. All natural lamb. 12 pounds of lamb, pen raised with plenty of forage, non GMO feed.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’ll be starting plants soon – for the best selection and fastest return, sign up today! Visit our store page, scroll down a little over half way and sign up now. Payment is easy and immediate – just follow through with PayPal. Limited shipping within US at cost.

Don’t be ordinary – explore the niches in agriculture! It’s not just for “foodies”!

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