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5 Reasons Shares & Subscriptions Help Us

February 1, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe do things a little different here at SlowMoneyFarm. From slow food to slow money to heritage and heirloom options, we’re different. Why we do what we do is taking a more direct topic this year in the blog, not just to inform those interested but also to, maybe, generate questions to ask for those not buying from us of other food choice sources.

Farm shares and subscriptions have been mentioned before on here. In short, the difference is in commitment. Farm shares are where someone pays a certain amount, and get food of their choice up to that amount. A subscription is a smaller fee – at this point $25 – and there’s no obligation to purchase anything, but a chance to purchase after the shares are filled and before it goes on open sale. We don’t have fancy VIP cards but do have different levels of connection.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe blog, of course, is one and is free. Subscribers not only contribute to our activities with their subscription fee, but get increased access for doing so. We aren’t supermarket sized. We don’t have thousands of choices. But we do have good choices for what we do. We can offer a connection that helps with child and adult education, in learning things that are fun and beneficial.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou might wonder what that $25 does.  Many can spend more than that on a trip to the pizza joint or a movie. Does it really matter? Of course it does!

During production season when there’s eggs, produce, meats and more in abundance, things are good. Right now – this time of year – shapes that. It’s when we order seed, plan babies and look at what we have to have when. It gets seeds started so that we have tomatoes and peppers earlier in the year. It schedules times for custom raised beds and other activities. This is something farms of many sizes are looking at right now. It helps us define what this year looks like for us. It’s a critical time for seed starting under cold frames and other methods.

That $25 covers almost two bags of feed. Three to five types of peppers or tomatoes. A few more specialty goodies or herb starts. Enough of them add up to help with vehicle payments, vehicle insurance and those boring expenses we all have that aren’t fun to talk about but important.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt brings to us opportunities of new customers, reaching new people and having a market for our items in the critical short window of time they’re available. You see, many of the heirlooms don’t have as much storage time as those selected for easy to ship and store. They’ll arrive with a straight from the garden goodness. Eggs that are fresh on arrival, and often last longer in your fridge than store bought ones. You might get a mix of colors, and a little variation in size from store bought eggs.

Need five quick reasons?

  • 1. It allows direct food choices.
  • 2. It provides a market for heirlooms and heritage breeds, critical for the survival of these less common options.
  • 3. It allows for market and growth of something many say they want, but perhaps are hesitant and want to try it first.
  • 4. It is a chance to learn directly, whether adult or homeschool child, what goes into growing food.
  • 5. It provides fresh, tasty, unique foods for your kitchen, as well as crafts and other goodies. You might not use all items, but others can choose from what you don’t want.

You have an option of Muscovy eggs without the high cost of online specialty places that can be $50/dozen! You have not just good food but the sizzle, the story, the personal connection. Are you ready? Visit our Facebook store and sign up right now. Spread the word. Take advantage of some special bonuses (a surprise!) for booking this weekend.

Don’t wait!

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