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Super Seahawks & Commercial Favorites

February 3, 2014

SnohomishRivernrMonroeSo the Super Bowl is over for another year. After years of living in western Washington, there are things from Washington that go with me wherever I go.

It was in Washington many memories were made. I see young men and women who were just kids then now grown, so mature and taking their own places in the world. Watching the Seahawks then was a road of highs and lows akin to racing.

This year the Seahawks unquestionable domination of the game was incredible. I heard a lot of people saying they didn’t stand a chance. It was a lucky play that got them there. The Seahawks pretty much silenced that with a resounding win over the Denver Broncos.

The commercials weren’t as deep this year, but there were several I really liked. One even had a familiar face in it!

Of course I like the farm and ag commercials, if they’re accurate. With millions of wings eaten, statistics of 3,000 cattle hides going into the NFL footballs and that doesn’t include the rest of the food eaten at Super Bowl gatherings and sports bars coast to coast, agriculture is a big part of the big game. It’s behind the scenes, easy to not see, but shouldn’t be taken for granted.

While our little truck isn’t up to the big one here, the Chevy commercial scores!

And of course – gotta love the Clydesdales – and the other Budweiser commercial.

Another funny – Doritos with the little cowboy getting help from his ‘steed’ (large dog!) to round up some Doritos.

Congratulations Seahawks – missing Washington again but there’s good thoughts from far beyond Washington too!

What was your favorite commercial and highlight?

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