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Ag in the Bible – The Long View RH2

February 9, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI don’t usually do extensive quotes but for those who like the Ag in the Bible posts, you need to go order The Long View Reflections on Life, God, and Nature. by Don Underwood.

I started this series as a way to connect agriculture with perspective on Biblical views, and this book does so gloriously!

Be it cattle, horses, nature or just life, the notes and perspectives on here is what Ag in the Bible might be when it grows up!  It’s what we strive for…make you think, make people not familiar with agriculture see a different perspective and understanding. With that, here’s a glimpse at what’s in store – read it, and go order it!

Sitting on the front porch at Siete Ranch watching the cows as they grazed, I started thinking about RH2. Several years ago a friend and I decided to get back into the cow business. Both of us had raised cows as kids, but now we needed something for our midlife crises.
Jim found a set of twelve nice heifers that we bought. They were pretty evenly matched except for the one with the ear tag RH2. She was the runt of the litter, as we used to say. She was small and not as nice as the others. Since Jim found the cows I insisted that he pick first. We both knew that I would end up with RH2. I didn’t mind because the others were so nice.
That was a number of years ago. Jim has gone on to develop quite a sophisticated Hereford cattle operation, but not one of those six cows is in his herd. I have only a few cows, but the only one I have of those original six is RH2. The others have all been culled. As luck would have it, RH2 was the best cow of the lot.
She breeds right away, carries a calf with no problem, calves with ease and on time, and is the best mama cow I’ve ever seen. I don’t have to worry about coyotes with RH2. On top of everything else, she grew into a decent size and puts outstanding calves on the ground. Turns out that RH2 was the pick of the litter.
If you’ve done much reading in the Bible, you know that God has a way of surprising us in that way. One of the best stories in the Old Testament is about God sending Samuel to Jesse to pick a new king for Israel (see 1 Samuel 16:1-13). He looked at Jesse’s fine, strong sons and thought any of them could be a king, but God rejected them all. Then Samuel asked Jesse if there were any others, and Jesse conceded that David was out in the pasture tending sheep. He was the youngest, the smallest, the runt of the litter, but David was God’s choice.
That story is repeated in the Bible many times, including God going to an uneducated teenager named Mary in an unremarkable little place called Nazareth (see Luke 1:26-27). For whatever reason, God sometimes chooses the last and least to play the most important roles in his plans for the future.
RH2 is a great reminder of the truth found so powerfully throughout the Bible: Don’t judge people by appearance, breeding, education or social standing. You never know who God might pick to make an enormous difference in your life or perhaps in the building of the Kingdom.

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