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Throwaway Lives

February 26, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGirl is an odd combination of characteristics. She’s the black dog that would be overlooked in shelters. She’s an imperfect brat – the white on her face in the photo was from sticking her head where it should not have been.

She strolled in, as many rural dogs do, as a puppy. Unlike many, her family was with her. Her mama, Blue, and siblings pretty much fended for themselves. As puppies do, they found toys from many places, and left them wherever they found them. Not endearing to the neighborhood.

Girl was so ‘named’ (or not) because she wasn’t going to stay. There were pups and the mama dog, on top of the dogs we already had. Well one by one things happened to her siblings. Lucky. Lady. Honey. Then Blue. Girl remains.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe’s a big barker that doesn’t like to squabble with others but when pushed enough she will, and doesn’t play. Missy pushes her, and for that reason she and Missy can’t be alone unsupervised without a barrier between them. Missy would be the loser.

Like many in need, it was easy for many to pass her by. Not our problem. Someone will step up. There’s always the shelter. Look the other way.

It’s easy to do with black dogs. It’s easy to do with people. It’s easy to think it’s someone else’s job. It’s easy until you’re the Girl and there’s no someone else stepping up to help.

There are millions of throwaway lives in a nation that talks compassion.We feel sorry for dogs – and people – in other countries as they have so much less than we do…and overlook those in our own communities who also don’t have enough.

May there come a day there are no throwaway lives.

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