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Spring Forward Edition SlowMoneyFarm Saturday Market

March 8, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s hard to believe that it’s time for the clocks to *spring forward* already! We’ve been thinking and planning spring for a while now but time does fly even in our “what day is it” world.

Some features this week – farm shares still open. Trial shares are $100, mini shares $500, small shares $1,000 and large $2,000. These amounts are good until you use them up – if that’s a month or a year it’s up to you. Fresh eggs are coming on – we have white, brown and green so in a dozen you might get a mixture! They aren’t ‘cookie cutter’ eggs you find in the grocery store – some may be a little larger or smaller than the others.

Subscriptions are also open at $25 that give some special access. These go towards operations and special projects, of which we have several in the works.

Local gardeners can get composted manure for their gardens for $3 per bucket, $6 per tub or $50 for a pickup load (10 tubs) which includes delivery within 20 miles of Nauvoo Alabama. Boost your garden with high nutrients for a productive year.

We’re also doing some basic, bare bones raised bed packages – 4×10 frame 8 inches deep, filled with compost, manure and topsoil for $150, set up and ready to plant.

We have bunnies due by the end of the month so will have a round of breeders or meat bunnies in a couple months. If you’re thinking heritage turkey this fall be contacting us NOW to raise it…they take time to grow!

We also do light local hauling and handyman work – these projects are small but add up to keep things rolling.

1779136_792317744130268_1174455893_nNext Friday and Saturday come meet some of the rabbits at a fundraising photo shoot!

Things are busy, busy, busy here and it’s even more important to check our calendars and schedules because if it’s not on there chances are we’ll miss it! This Tuesday (11th) I’ll be hosting #AgChat on Twitter talking water issues.

Off for a quick tuna fish patty (this one mixed up with tuna, egg, some ‘forgotten’ by Connor Doritos crumbs) topped with some Fair Oaks Farm cheddar cheese. This afternoon we’ll be getting a large bale of hay and, hopefully, bagging and chopping it up. A little juggling to cover everything this week – don’t we all have those times?


That’s it for this week! Make a difference for someone!

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