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Perfection Farming

March 10, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are the extremes that people remember. The horrible, nasty farms, sometimes shown on videos as typical; and the not a blade of grass out of place picture perfect farms.

That’s not us. We’re solidly in between, and like most people we know sometimes more one way than the other. It varies. But the quest for perfection is long over.

Perfection died years ago. Everything about farming doesn’t read the perfection handbook. Equipment breaks, animals don’t do what they’re supposed to and plants grow productive but disheveled. Not perfection.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere might be more weeds than we like, or dirt on the floor or sometimes too much mud. The pens that look awesome with fresh bedding don’t look so awesome before it gets cleaned again.

If we don’t do things because it doesn’t stay perfect we’d never start! We started knowing many things are far from perfect. Not that many years ago there were rabbit cages on blocks under tarps or under the mobile where they’d be dry. We now have the hoop and wing, and it’s a lot better, but isn’t where we want to be. There are imperfect times but it passes if we strive to make it happen.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday I worked on shredding a partial older bale of hay that had some quality issues – in the chicken pen it was shredded for bedding, where it provides seeds and bugs for the birds to scratch through,and bedding for the tire nests. I had to prop the net up that doesn’t ever stay up as high as I leave it. Someday…! If someone had walked up during that – it’s messy! Afterwards, with the birds happily scratching through the hay, it seemed a peaceful scene. We can’t do much without getting through the messy.

But we can’t wait for someday to provide for now. I watched a clip from Brendon Burchard that talked about the perfection excuse. There is no perfection with animals…or with us.

When we’re moving manure it’s a mess…until it’s in the compost bin. Then it can be messy when taking to the gardens. It’s messy when unloading supplies and changing things around. But if we don’t nothing gets better.

Sometimes we all need to address the messy to get to the better. Those picture perfect yards don’t look lived in. Sometimes things aren’t always what it seems. Sometimes it doesn’t look perfect for a while – sometimes a work in progress is imperfect.

Perfect is not realistic. We’re not perfect but it’s real. It’ll get better in time…but it’s in motion!

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