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Life Doesn’t Get Bubblewrapped

March 11, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhether with people or animals there’s going to be times they get hurt. They eat the wrong thing, like Diva recently streeetching to get a box of chocolate she wasn’t supposed to get and paid for it with an upset tummy.

So this morning I get an email about functional safety…and if it’s *safety* then it should be functional, otherwise it’d dysfunctional safety and not safe. While we all strive for safety we can’t control everything in our world. Minimizing the risk helps insure safety, of course, but we can’t wrap ourselves in bubblewrap.

In one of the trees here Connor has a tire swing, and another has a rope swing. Recently he observed it looked a little frayed, but didn’t do anything OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAabout it. The pressure of a launch on the rope one too many times meant getting the wind knocked out of him – and a lesson about safety that will be remembered far longer than my cautions to keep things in good order.

Yet how often we all put off those safety updates. It’s easier to deal with big ones – most of us don’t go out of our way to create injury! But the little things are easily discounted.

This can be sharp edges on the corners of cages, or that door that doesn’t shut just right or the post that needs replaced someday or pounding that nail all the way in – those things we’ll get to next weekend or the next rainy day that doesn’t seem to happen.

Those little nicks or scrapes can get infected. The snagged clothes get torn and need replaced sooner than they would otherwise. It costs time and money. As spring comes to the US, and we’re outside more, may we all spend that extra few minutes and be safe in the little things too. Fix them while they’re frayed, before it breaks!

Because Bubblewrap isn’t for life.

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