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Comedy, Multi-Tasking & Project Checkoffs

March 24, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADoes anyone else out there have “to do” lists? Goals of what to do this month, or this year? A running list here that is revised often can have seasonal changes.

Over the weekend a little income from rabbit rentals provided a different kind of project we’ve wanted to do for some time, but in the list of priorities it wasn’t there. A day of posing rabbits with children for Easter photos meant finally being able to get our greenhouse.

Setting it up was interesting. Paul took directions and map reading detail, as he and Connor started the base. Once we had it going together, he came back to work on the door of the 3×6 hutch, putting it on hinges that provided a better, more secure home for whatever was inside (right now a rabbit).

Now perhaps those who don’t know us would get totally the wrong idea to watch a project like this. We play argue, joke, get ridiculous in stories and are apt to spawn a tall tale or two. We got the frame together,carried it over to the area we were going to put it and put the heavy plastic over it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile Connor and I worked on that Paul worked on the roof. It can be locked, not just weighed down, now, and is less likely to be caught by a wind gust. Security is good! There is a small crack at the top crossbar, covered here by a short piece of tin held up by block. The plastic that previously covered it just in case can now be taken off and used elsewhere or put up until needed.

Midway through the greenhouse construction Connor made a comment and I said this was what was called making memories. It’s not just the greenhouse, it’s the bonding to do a project. Or surely that’s in some psych book somewhere.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMainly I learned long ago that any job is as bad as we make it – and we can have fun or make it a drudgery. With another cold snap coming, the completed greenhouse is a spot to put seedlings.

This morning it was warm and toasty in the greenhouse, if a bit muggy. I opened it up for a while to work at some extra tasks – zip ties on the shelves, arranging things a little differently than directions say. We have room for 16 standard trays of seedlings plus some in the ground on the sides and containers in the back.

This is a step towards more than putting a greenhouse together. It allows safer starting of early seedlings,and extended season at the end of the year. We could use it for year round production for just us in the winter.

It’s one more tool towards providing food for not just ourselves but customers. Any tool is only as good as the effective use of it. For now, two more things to check off that list!

Of course there’s four more that go on it!

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