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Pre-Show Preparations

March 27, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’re planning an appearance at a fleece/farm/small livestock day Saturday, and often it’s easy to think just show up and talk to people.

If only! Today Connor and I worked to get ready – putting together a backdrop for the booth, insuring the banners fit as they’re “supposed” to. Connor bagged up some compost while I put some tree seedlings into containers. The normal chores – cleaning, feeding, watering – also needed to be done.

Still left to do – finish stripping out Peaches, bagging fiber into bags in one ounce amounts, getting copies made for display and handouts, packing into the truck and final touches. Saturday we’ll be up and on the road early, leaving Paul here to handle the home front.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAConnor’s been learning, as we work, the business end of things and he’ll step up on the weekend and be talking to folks as a part of the team, not as a farm kid. He even has his own business cards, thanks to one of our supporters!

In the midst of getting ready for this we’re also looking at planting (and making use of the greenhouse!) *and* a step towards expansion we hope everyone will help us spread the word on soon.

There’s been quite a bit of cost and time just getting to this event, with the hope of making contacts that will buy farm shares or other items from us.

The rain is starting up tonight and it’s about time for a pillow as another long day awaits tomorrow! As always, planning and preparation for plans yet to unfold await. We’ve edged closer to organizing an investment option for those interested, and looking at details for that very soon to move on an option. (If you can’t wait, message me at !)

Listening to the rain come down is a peaceful way to end the day, refresh and get ready for a busy weekend. It’s a behind the scene clip that isn’t usually seen, but important to do the best presentation we can.

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