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Are You Passing By The Biggest Gifts? Ag in the Bible

April 13, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave you ever heard someone say they wanted something, and you happened to have or come by that something to give to or share with them, but then they didn’t really want it? Maybe they outright rejected it?

Some might get angry. Others may be hurt. Some may offer all they have but it’s not enough, while others may be from a different view and can’t appreciate what they have been offered.

The something may be food, or friendship, or a thing, or a favor. As we reflect today on Palm Sunday, it’s not uncommon those communication errors happen. We’re imperfect. What’s one person’s broke is another’s wealth. What’s one’s unlivable is another’s palace. What’s one’s feast is another’s famine.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd it’s sometimes tough when it feels personal. Sometimes it’s just perspective, the way someone is, the soil (things) they surround themselves with. Agriculture folks know when planting in good soil, seeds can grow. But planting a tomato seed and hoping for watermelons just isn’t gong to happen…all it can be is tomato. It won’t become a watermelon,  or a pepper or a squash.

Sometimes the gift is much bigger. Instead of navigating a new area it’s navigating life. Instead of opening a door it’s opening a life. Instead of giving a life for a meal it’s giving a life for salvation.

russellpastureThat was done, and still many turn away from that gift. The small things that we have here pale in comparison. The judgements of not being good enough are human. Beyond that is the judgement that matters – and no matter what we look like, no matter our surroundings or situation we are good enough for Him. Perhaps he put us where we are to reach others. He came on a donkey, in peace, rather than a horse used by kings in war. Does it make Him less of a King? Does it matter what current surroundings are or long term ones?

He empowers. Don’t turn away from the gifts, or the opportunity to give them. Drastic changes have happened due to someone  else’s prayer. If someone uses you dishonestly, that’s on them.

It can hurt, anger and bring on emotion. Seems like God knows a thing or two about that. After all there’s little more precious than family, and His son paid the price for all of us. That’s a gift no one can repay, but many turn down.

A gift can be offered but not forced. Don’t overlook the gifts in front of you.

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