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Cuteness Overload Warning!

April 14, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYep it’s that time of year. Be it calves, lambs, foals, kids…it’s the time of year when cute baby animals show up in social media streams of all kinds.

And – well it is Easter, and among the symbols of Easter is the rabbit.

I’m a bit partial…so took a break on the crowdsourcing push (last 3 days – help us out folks!) to shoot some fresh photos. We have several litters that are 2 weeks old now, and one that’s just 4 days. We have peppers the same age, but I think the bunnies will get more awwwws than the peppers will!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis photo on the left you’ll have to look closely to see the white – pinkish – babies laying side by side in the white fur. Baby bunnies are born with eyes closed and no fur. The doe pulls fur from her belly to line the nest, and this first time doe did a good job providing a warm blanket for her babies. They’ll get bigger in a short period of time!




At right is a mini Rex doe – with her small size, and the even smaller size of her babies, she’s housed in a solid floor/side cage typically sold for guinea pigs. This is her second litter and she’s a great mama.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese little ones are destined for the breeding of meat rabbits (girls) or meat rabbits. It’s hard to remember when they’re cute that they are being raised for food, just as other animals are.

This can be a difficult thing for some to accept or understand. We get that, but at the same time in order to justify keeping rare breeds alive, the use of them as they were intended – in this case for meat and furs – allows the maintenance of the breeds for the future.



This little one is a Giant Chinchilla, two weeks old today. She’s grown from the naked, blind looks like a mouse with no tail that she started. She’s learning to explore her nest area, and the cage above as she’s big enough to get out. She’s learning to groom herself and sit up, scratch itches and move around. As she gets older the entire litter will be evaluated for their potential as show animals. Those not making the cut will be evaluated as potential breeding animals either for purebred lines or crossbreds. Those not making that cut will join the crossbreds as meals for meat customers.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut at this age – this two week still wobbly content with not being in the big wide world stage – this is the little bit of time that eases the heartache of the youngsters lost, the older ones injured, the disappointments, the cold and wet and the discouraging days where we just try to find answers. Taking some time to watch them hop sometimes controlled, sometimes not, around their little corner of the world makes it bearable to keep doing this.

It’s watching these youngsters greeting their Giant Chinchilla neighbor, who is bigger than their mom, as part of exploring their world.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd they’re just cuter than baby tomatoes or peppers! Even among the heirlooms!







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