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Better Than Easter Bunnies

April 16, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvery year many bunnies, chicks and ducklings become living symbols of the Easter holiday. For many children, it’s a beginning with animals, an introduction that begins an interest. For too many bunnies, chicks and ducklings, it’s the beginning of an unhappy situation they don’t understand.

While our Rabbit Hole and Name a Doe perks can be an alternative, it might be seen as too expensive. Here’s a good illustration why it’s not.

Many pet shops will have too-little bunnies for $25-30-40 or more. Let’s say the bunny is $30. Let’s say it’s a small breed, not one weaned too young and apt to get sick (as too many are). Then you have to buy a cage ($30-50 or more, some outdoor hutches can run $150), bottle, feeder, feed, sometimes bedding…and you’re quickly over $100 and easily approaching twice that!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen the bunny gets bigger. The child and parents don’t know proper handling, so the bunny begins scratching, then biting. He’s no fun anymore so the drudgery of daily feeding and watering is done, but it’s easy to let other tasks slide. Then through carelessness or deliberate action a door is left open and the bunny is loose.

He’s learned people are food and protection, to some degree. He may have seen the family dog, so doesn’t know other dogs eat rabbits. So do cats, owls, hawks and a host of other animals. People can eat them too, but we can’t have Johnny’s bunny end up in the freezer so turn him loose. Have a nice life. If he avoids the cars, predators, toxins, storms and other dangers he might live to adulthood. He might be caught in a trap and taken to a shelter, or taken in by a breeder who doesn’t want to see any rabbit left in survival mode.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToo often, bunny doesn’t get a happy ending. With alternatives, it’s easy to learn about rabbits (and other animals) without the expense of housing, feeding and caring for them. Then, if and when the child (and parent!) is ready for the responsibility of a rabbit, it’s with a full awareness of the good and bad things that can happen. It prevents some of the already too many bunnies turned loose in the weeks after Easter. It teaches responsibility, not dumping your problems. You don’t even have to take a loss on those unneeded supplies you don’t need anymore!

Rabbits aren’t just Easter decorations for us. It’s all year ’round. We love sharing them – and these perks are a way to do that (some still available on our website after the campaign!). A $25 subscription is a great way to learn about not only rabbits but other animals around agriculture.

Not just at Easter and Earth Day!



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