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Price, Cost or Value

April 19, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe cost of living gets mentioned often. The price of food and other things gets attention.

As I gathered bags at a store, the man behind me questioned the price of eggs. The cashier noted they were $2.45 and both agreed everything was going up.

A year ago I tried raising interest in beef for a locked in price of $3.75 – and heard “Oh that’s too high!” I shook my head, knowing prices would be going up and now that is a good price. We’re trying to get interest on pork – $4 is “too high” but it’s approaching that at the store,and before the influence is felt of PEDV.

Now consider it’s delivered to a pickup point near you AND isn’t the high volume produced item – raised outdoors as so many say they want. So I wonder – “too high”?

Value is a big factor here. We like to buy on value and try to give it. When we price rabbits, or ducks, or other animals be it dressed out or breeding stock, we all like a good value. We like to feel like we get what we pay for.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs prices rise, ours is staying the same. The time gap is closing when we *are* cheaper but don’t have enough hens to keep up. If we ordered 100 pullets right now, it would take roughly 5-6 months to get them laying well. Good hens are $10-12 each. Raising pullets we start at around $2-3 then it’s about a quarter per week per bird…so 100 is about $500-600 in feed alone plus the $200-300 cost to purchase them – not counting housing, water and anything else they need (including heat for the first few weeks!).

The farm shares, packages and pre-orders help cover that cost, but we still have the labor feeding, watering, cleaning and caring for them. Covering the cost and having a ready market does mean a better value for you too! It would mean another 100 people get fresh food.

We’re not going away. What we’re not looking forward to is turning people away because we don’t have enough, because there’s not enough demand right now. Growth is frustrating!

For now – there’s some cages to clean and chores to do, because every day has something to do.

Even when no one is looking!

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