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10 Hats We Wear Every (Earth) Day

April 22, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALike many in agriculture, Earth Day isn’t just one per year. It’s every day. In the process of day to day life we wear many hats. That can make for a busy day, and sometimes rushed weeks. Sometimes we don’t seem to get much done, but the reality is there’s so much to do it’s relative!

So what are some of the hats we wear?

1. Animal care specialist. Obviously animals need tended daily. Feeding, watering, collecting eggs, cleaning pens, monitoring health, arranging breeding, observing babies, insuring they all have what they need is daily and ongoing. It doesn’t matter if it’s Earth Day, Thursday, Christmas or pay day every day they need tended to.

2. Environmentalist. Keeping manure from contaminating water, monitoring trees, watching the birds that surround and share our world, monitoring the windbreaks and the big world outside of ours is important.

3. Educator. Teaching others is ongoing. Most don’t do what we do, and sharing the why and when and how of what we do is important to helping others understand not only our world but theirs as well. We’re surrounded by products of agriculture, even in urban areas.

4. Communicator. Not all communicating is educating. We not only teach those we know and don’t know, but must also communicate effectively with a variety of other people from the feed dealer to the fellow farmers online.

5. Marketing. With direct marketing this role comes to us. OK, me. Coming up with ideas through updating websites and listings through advertising and social media can all fall here.

6. Photographer. Most of the photos used on the blog, website and other pages originated here. Taking the photos may be one task, but then watermarking them, creating memes from them and other things all takes time.

7. Financial controller. From budgeting to finding new streams of revenue, it’s critical to have funds when needed.

8. Small business planner. Many don’t think of farms as small businesses, but they are. With all that it involves, some are medium sized and even large businesses.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA9. Farmer. Yes there’s the planting, weeding, watching for pests, harvest, maintenance and what many picture being a farmer’s life. Only part of the picture, but definitely part of it!

10. Human being. Yes we’re part of our communities. We help folks with food when we can, go to church, buy supplies at other stores and go about our day to day life. It’s not flashy but it’s real.

It keeps things from being boring, but can add a tremendous amount of things to do.

Every day, not just today!


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