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Alabama, Mississippi Storms 2014

April 30, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was an eventful night Monday night here in northwest Alabama. Overwhelming in a way.

We knew there was a weather system moving in. When the messages started coming that there was a tornado on the ground in Tupelo, Mississippi we knew it’d be a long night. We’re about an hour and a half east of Tupelo. Most storms travel from southwest to northeast, so we figured (correctly) that storm would be north of us. A brief conversation with a neighbor and the storm shelter, a project undertaken after the 2011 tornado outbreak, wasn’t ready. There was a very small unused hole,but no door on it for protection.

Of greater concern was one on the ground in the little town of Louisville Mississippi – southwest of us. It chewed up the main part of town, reports on Twitter of a mile wide and debris 30,000 feet in the air. In time towns 40 miles or so from there had debris falling from the air. Doors with knives stuck in them.

It came up through LaMar county and was reported that there was a multiple vortex tornado on the ground in Detroit Alabama, a small town about a half hour from here. We were just there the previous weekend.

Reports were coming fast of Russellville. Athens. Another in northeast Mississippi. Kentucky. We talked about options – staying here – going to a building that we might be able to get in a basement, but with the dogs? and if it collapsed was it any safer? We debated as reports of storms got closer. Other reports were of debris from Mississippi.

I sent a Facebook message out. “Pray now folks…need ’em”.

Then the report of a tornado on the ground at highway 118 near Eldridge. Who do we take…or leave?! “Keep praying keep praying!” Missy, Bella Jr, Taffy were all upset – panting, pacing the hall. They sensed it.

We heard the evening train go through and grimly said we hoped it WAS the train. Minutes passed and the rain slowed, wind calmed down a bit. Messages and phone calls started coming as the online community started checking on each other.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeveral said they were listening as the storm approached Nauvoo, then shifted and went south of here. As the sun came up, seeing messages from friends was good. Assessing the damage – well it could have been a lot worse.



A large limb came down on the back side of the rabbit hoop. The steel is bent, but protected the rabbits as it was supposed to do. It penetrated the plastic, which will need fixed, and bent a couple of cages, but the rabbits inside are fine.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe wing on one side is destroyed, but there wasn’t any birds or animals in there. It’s been enough excitement for the week. Tonight just a rain comes down – flooding in some areas is expected.

We need to push on for the megahutch and other projects…but it could be much, MUCH worse. Presale of items is something really needed. We’re thankful for many reasons.

For now – hoping for a calming sleep. We have a roof – a dry place to sleep. Some don’t have that.



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