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Roots & Wings

May 27, 2014

Four years ago I made a post about Roots & wings. Connor has grown tremendously in that time. Jake is still in China, married, returning over the winter to spend time in Illinois. Time moves on and sometimes looking at those roots and wings is good. Evaluating what is working and what needs changed, what allows us to progress and what can let us soar can make big differences. Some thoughts being tossed around this week!

Food, Farm, Life Choices

This is a bittersweet weekend as Connor arrives to begin learning more hands on to move forward with the farm and life. At the same time Jake, my nephew, flew out to China for 2 years following a dream to train with the best martial arts people he could find. It seems these two things give rise to the adage of the biggest gift we can give is roots and wings.

Connor is getting roots – encouraging the growth and learning about more than just rabbits, chickens and plants. He taste tested his way through the mint, stevia and others yesterday and this week is slated to get dirty and learn it’s sometimes hard work too. It takes effort to enjoy the rewards.

Jake has learned these lessons, and encouraged to follow his dreams with a plan. Although we will miss him when he’s half a world away for longer…

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