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Walk The Talk or Just Talk?

May 28, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATonight on Twitter I mad a comment in passing to someone in my feed, as I often do. It is, after all, SOCIAL media, is it not? The person involved I’ve actually retweeted previously, so when a barrage of rude, nasty comments ensued, it was surprising.

Especially for someone who quotes Eric Thomas about success. Somehow I don’t think a motivational speaker can build a following on people who think success is important but treat people in passing like they are some kind of king and you dare speak to them without permission.

I don’t care whether someone has millions or not enough to go to lunch – be nice! If you don’t want public engagement, I’m thinking it’s probably best to send the comment privately. And if you want success as bad as breathing…as quoted…it’s not badly enough if still treating people negatively.

Most people I know who truly want to be successful see every contact as an opportunity. Others stomp on the opportunity so they can then hold up where they live, skin color, disadvantages or other issues as a reason for their problems, rather than treating people like trash.

Does it matter? I think it does! It doesn’t matter if you work for yourself or for a big company, you represent yourself on social media by how you treat people. If you address someone and get a response like:

Who are you? Tf? F*ck out my mentions cuh

Really? I censored the language, but how warm and fuzzy does it strike you? How much would you help this person, or recommend him for a job or hire him on your team?

Does that scream wanting success more than breathing? Or does it just scream? That wasn’t the only comment, but the point is, those reading on social media see what’s directed at them.

We all have days we’re tired, we’re not feeling well, we get distracted or are in a hurry. Does it excuse rudeness? Does it matter or as long as that element of success is reached it’s ok to be that way?

I don’t know where this person is from. Don’t know their background. Don’t know anything other than what he projects on social media. Some say “well it’s just online – it’s not real”. Tell that to the too-many people who pay heavy consequences for comments or actions online.

Many want transparency, especially about their food. If there was a barrage of similar comments how much would you want to eat at the restaurant, farm or part of agriculture we represent? I wouldn’t!

Sometimes there’s no chance to make a second impression. Make the first one count. We are who and what we are online. No insults, no hatefulness.

It’s not just about money folks. Success isn’t a race to the highest bank account, the most toys or the biggest mountain of names tromped on to get to ‘success’. There’s plenty of rich jerks in the world, and plenty of people both with means and without who go out of their way to help others. Those who do see every person as an opportunity.

Why don’t we have <whatever>? Why can’t we do <whatever>? Maybe it’s because of self imposed limits. Or maybe it’s because the people who could help us have been insulted, cast aside or ignored.

Help someone – every day. Kindness costs nothing. It doesn’t take away from a bank account.

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