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When Community Fails

June 24, 2014

Most communities are a mix of good folks trying to help others and bitter folks finding fault. It seems scams abound, and are believed, and when someone tries to help in a public way there are those who don’t want it to happen. The economy brings out those who claim to have cancer and don’t, or claim to have served in the military and haven’t. It brings more need as people struggle with disconnect notices and passing the time without being able to raise the money, resulting in no power, or water or other utility.

“It is with deep regrets that we now announce that Walker County Area News will no longer be offering assistance to those within the community who are in need. This is not a decision that was arrived at lightly and it is not something that we actually wanted to do however, when we worked to raise money to help a lady reconnect power (after she and her children had been living in the dark for more than three weeks) two days ago, the end result was this message from her:

“I have gotten a lot of hate mail due to this… I just don’t need this kind of trouble from this kind of people.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat kind of hatred of people does it take to send hate mail to someone who reluctantly asked for help? To stop someone from getting help with disconnect notices because they don’t like the people doing it?

Among our items are sponsor boxes – and while I’m sure that some think it’s a scam, it does allow us to privately help others. A few people out of the area purchased these, and perhaps wonder if anything comes of it.

It’s provided fresh eggs at no cost to people needing a hand up. It has provided tomatoes and food to grandparents taking in grandkids when parents got in a bad situation.

Moving forward we’d like to improve further with a commercial kitchen to further be able to can not just for markets but to help with those situations. We can’t solve all problems but we can all do a little bit.

That builds community.  Build it, don’t tear it down. You never know when you might need community – and it’s a bad thing to tear down your own community. Here’s to those who make a difference.


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