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Weekend Market Get It Quick Packages

June 28, 2014

So often when a tragedy happens folks say “if I’d only known” or “I would have helped” in a tough spot. Yet too often reaching out for help means condemnation, such as the lady who recently asked the community for help with a utility bill. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes people don’t want to ask for help, especially in agriculture or rural situations, because of the independent nature. Some hide in embarrassment asking churches for help or, sometimes, well publicized scams, theft and other illegal activities.

We’re aware of some real needs in the area but are barely striding thin ice as it is so it’s time to bootstrap and get creative and, yes, combine it with an outright request for help. There are a few things crowding, with some outside funds on the horizon again but training is an hour away – at minimum  wage that’s meant $130 in fuel to get $100 and that backs things up short term as well as looking down the road (not everything can wait.So without further delay, it’s time to Get it Quick!

There’s three levels here – from jars of goodies to dried pepper flake assortments to a you mix and match assortment that is a great deal! For every 10 mix and match sold one will go to the community fund…if 50 sell that’s 5 that helps others at no cost to you.

Here’s a few more options to pass around:

Mix & Match MiniTrial box – $50. Get a taste of what we do. Everyone buying one of these gets a subscription added on at no charge. AND we’ll tuck in an extra goodie! Don’t wait! This is a great deal and a $75+value.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATree Memorial. It it heartbreaking to see a loved one’s grave desecrated. Too often those with no values will take trinkets or flowers from cemeteries. The item of tribute sometimes isn’t a lot of money,but the act is insensitive and just wrong, in my opinion. Our family often does tree memorials planted to remember someone special, and with room to do so we’re starting with some trees here for others. A tree, many believe, is for the next generation. Each tree will have a windchime or birdhouse by it.

Local and want to learn? We’ll have some low cost classes and clinics to learn hands on. On tap – fencing, raised bed gardens, raising poultry and rabbits and more. Take one or all – Walker county Alabama.

Help us spread the word! Thanks!

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