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Is Honest Marketing Possible?

July 10, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAmerica has gotten used to marketing claims. When there’s psychological advice to motivate people to buy your products it’s called marketing. If they need that product, all is well. If they want it, great.

If they don’t need or want it, but are enticed to buy – is it foolish or taking advantage? What about marketing to an unfair advantage? These things are constantly going through my awareness in trying to be fair. And I’ve realized fair isn’t effective. There are people making millions of dollars on marketing.

Corporations brand themselves as better than other corporations because marketing says so. It makes one ignore the thousands of outlets and see the corporation differently! Beyond that, marketing is pretty basic.

Find a fear or need. Then tell the reader or listener how you can fix it…for a fee. Look at all major marketing…look at the fear factor way things are presented! Be scared!!!Buy this!

Think I’m wrong?

Look how horrible big food is…here come buy from us as we’re ethical. Chipotle

You’re going to miss out on this great deal!! Buy today and save!!

Don’t poison your family eat our food.

Your home is bombarded by horrible odors and people will judge you…buy our product and they won’t.

Watch ads for the next few days…Fear or problem then solution.

I got an email this morning on that premise. The author, presumably, had an ant infestation and tried chemicals and a host of home remedies and nothing worked. Ants were taking over! Until he (or she?) found diatomaceous earth. You could have this wondrous bug killer that is non toxic and even can be used to scrub sinks! Just $9.97 per pound. But 5 pounds for just $29.97 and get a free eBook and rid your home of bugs! What it doesn’t tell you – an entire 50 pound bag of the stuff can be found for $25 here. Figure that profit for a minute and tell me raising things honestly and presenting honestly works. Really?

I’m looking at it again because of having some eBooks to sell. Just saying hey I have these ebooks, several topics and it’ll help you and help me isn’t enough. Does it inspire you to go order even one for $3? Anymore, there are millions of ebooks out there and some aren’t worth the time it takes to read them. I’ve seen a couple of those!

So I put together several including race horse stories, basic horse sense, stable management and employment, homesteading and, coming soon, social media in agriculture. Why $3? Because I can say that it’s less than a fancy cup of coffee or fast food meal? Because I’d rather get it in the hands of a thousand people than a few and more will take a chance on $3? Because putting enough information in it that $3 is a value to tell others to buy is important? All of these are true.

Because the basic horse sense can give you tools to find what’s wrong with your horse might be communication and you can fix that – also true. Because those who like horse racing might get swept up in the stories of big stars and lesser ones, for an enjoyable hour or so – also true. Because I can. Because it solves all the problems I agree to solve with your horse…well that’s getting into sketchy claims isn’t it?!

Why does it take fear to get people to act? I don’t know, with the luxury we’re afforded why “I want this, I can afford it and I will buy it” just isn’t enough. It must be “I buy this so I don’t buy that”? We wonder why we’re all exhausted – bombardment of fear does that doesn’t it? But when people are anxious and work themselves into illness there’s pills and other treatments for that! How about an hour with a book?! How about deciding on options other than fear?

Or is that enough?!

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  1. Szarka permalink
    July 10, 2014 10:58 AM

    Oh ho! Check out the documentary masterwork “The Century of The Self” – it’s on Vimeo, and has its own Wikipedia page. We caught the last hour of the third episode during a premium channel preview week, which was enough to teach us several things that shocked our already cynical GenX selves.

    First, that thing you’re onto, that fear sells better than anything else, according to TCoTS, that’s done on purpose. Furthermore, it’s done with the benefit and direction of psychological warfare results. It’s done under the leadership of a meta-marketing strategy developed by a very small group of nameable industry leaders, bankers, and politicians to purposefully make the public Want More Stuff. Why did they do it? The mechanization of most industries has been so successful, that the early 20thc basics of life were satisfiable with a very short workweek, employing not many people. What would all those leftover idle hours be used for? Possibly destabilizing political movements. Furthermore, what would happen to centers of control if most people were essentially self-sufficient? As a culture, we now reap what they sowed.

    There is a pushback on the individual level – read blogs like Mr. Money Mustache, or all the simple living writing growing out there. MMM advocates a “low-information-diet” which I have found to be the only effective way for me personally to stay focused on long-term-priorities. It’s just so easy to succumb to the negative messages, and then feel I’m ‘broken’ if I don’t get new things every so often, and an ever-more-complicated life to ‘keep up’.

    • July 10, 2014 11:06 AM

      Thanks for stopping by. Fear absolutely sells! No question about it. Many marketing organic isn’t that it’s a choice many prefer, but that it’s not loaded with chemicals and drenched in poison…who wants food that has that description?! That it isn’t entirely true doesn’t matter. Nothing wrong with occasional new things and nothing wrong with being different. If we marketed stray dogs as the solution to depression there would be a pet shortage!

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