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Why – Ag in the Bible

July 13, 2014

So often when a tragedy happens people ask why.It might be a big tragedy, it might be a news headline, it might be a personal issue. But the questions are often the same.

Recently I read a book by Bridget Benson called We Walk Beside You Always. I saw a concise comment that I hear often.

Many people were questioning why such awful things happen and, if there was a God, surely He would try and prevent these things from happening. I had to think carefully as to how to answer these questions. I sent my thoughts out to spirit and what came back to me was “How is it that everyone blames God when things to wrong? Believe in Him and accept that life challenges all of us at some time. Even if we feel that he has deserted us when we need him the most that is often when he is there for us more than ever.” Spirit also told me that we should all take personal responsibilities for our actions.”

Shadow is gone. What we thought would be perhaps a few months was days. He came up on the chair to lie in the path of the fan last night, about midnight. I went to sleep and about 3:30 a.m. woke up and he was gone. He went to sleep and didn’t wake up. It’s hard losing an older pet. A younger one is frustrating. It seems, to us, a waste.

It’s like the loss of children to such evil in the world today, for things they have nothing to do with. People cry out why doesn’t God stop it if He is so powerful? That brings questions.

Why ask Him for help if you don’t believe in Him? Why, if He doesn’t exist to you, would he? People denied, tortured and killed His son and have free choice to follow, or not. Increasingly many do not choose to follow, and instead follow the crowd of popularity, much as in Jesus time. People don’t like what is different, and increasingly it’s about THEIR interest and THEIR wishes and THEIR view of the world.

There’s fingers pointed at Christians, and at different denominations and at those who don’t believe. Atheists, who claim to not believe in God or the Bible, are offended by those who do. In order to not offend others we shall not put Christmas decorations up…because someone else doesn’t like it? Why not cease to look at what isn’t about you if you don’t believe in it?

“Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet he shall life. John 11:25

Believing in Him doesn’t mean there won’t be sadness. It means there’s something beyond death. There is something better beyond this world. Those left behind hurt, and miss loved ones.

Believe in Him. Accept Him.

Shadow’s body remains, but what made him Shadow is gone. He seemed to be doing better, but this last week was just time. Not years. Not months. Days. As I read “We Walk Beside You Always” I thought of those no longer here.

People seem to fear death but ignore not living. Look around the world today – is this it?! This is all there is? Believe in Him. There’s Heaven beyond. Many scoff…their choice.

The water of life. Faith of a mustard seed. Green pastures. Mercy and goodness. This world isn’t all there is.

Believe in Him.



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  1. July 13, 2014 4:53 PM

    May I share this on my Facebook page or a link to it. It was just what I needed today. Margaret

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