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The Mobile Mindshift – in Small Scale Agriculture

July 17, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I say we combine technology with tradition, many question. Many don’t think we use *enough* technology! Having dipped barely a toe into the mobile world, I picked up the book The Mobile Mindshift off of NetGalley and have been both puzzled and challenged.

How can we use this technology? Many think agriculture is old fashioned and lags behind. Yea. Go start a new combine! Of course we don’t HAVE a new combine at SlowMoneyFarm, so much of the book was far, far above us. We don’t have thousands of people and hundreds of thousands of dollars (or millions!) to spend with software. But some great points were made in using technology already out there.

The major question for us is two fold. Using it – this morning I downloaded an insect guide on the notepad, easily taken out to the greenhouse or garden. I can see using solar with timers for turning lights on and off and the weather guide downloaded allows more weather information at the touch of a finger, literally!

So how do we at SlowMoneyFarm get a piece of this mobile mindshift? Well that could be a bit more problematic. We’re scrambling to come up with less than many spent on app development for land, seed and improvements. We’re excited about the imperfect place too wet to build on but *perfect* for growing with less irrigation. What does that mean?

Much to us but not if no one knows about us to buy from us does it? Back to the question – how do we get a piece of it? We could list (advertise) with other companies catering to small farms or alternatives like us. Instant, though, seems opposite of everything we do.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe plan, and when we put a pepper seed in the ground no internet application is going to make it grow faster than it’s going to grow. It won’t speed up the amount of time it takes for garden produce to grow so that it’s instantly available for mobile customers. So does that mean the time reading this book was a waste? Not at all! I know we need to be more mobile. I know that means money which we don’t have enough of as is. Key points is reaching people where they are – mostly far from us! It hones in on that customer in Nashville that we’re trying to find, who wants what we have but hasn’t met us yet.

True much of the Mobile Mindshift idea is above what we do – we’re not Delta or Starbucks or American Airlines. We can’t have someone say they’re on the way to pick up peppers that aren’t grown yet and have them ready for pickup when they drive in. But…it has the thought process started of what we CAN do.

Grass roots fashion, and with limited mobile at this point, I thought of reaching to our readers…how do we do this? If you’re a potential customer, how can we make it easier? If you’re another small farm – I’d say competitor but there’s enough folks out there for all of us! – how do you use mobile, or would you like to use mobile?

I know many of our larger ag friends turn on irrigation or other things with mobile technology. Agriculture doesn’t lag behind – but does have a different means of operation. I’m thinking personal but can’t be on 24/7. I’m thinking connecting heirlooms and meals. I’m thinking finding new ways to reach people.

The Mobile Mindshift is happening, and for all the advances it’s just beginning. Interesting points for all of agriculture…using it for all levels of agriculture is worth exploring. What do you think?

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