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10 Goals for SlowMoneyFarm Late 2014

July 18, 2014

Many people make a list, or make goals, or look at what they have to do in a given amount of time, or what they need to do in order to get where they want to be. Sometimes this is business, sometimes personal, sometimes both.

Standing in the main house (I haven’t thought of a catchy name for it yet!), looking out at the rain come down this afternoon the list seems long. Overwhelming. And achievable. Sometimes when we push for a grassroots fundraising, or a presale or other thing, especially our sponsorships, it’s easy to wonder where the money is going. Perhaps some look at the rose colored glasses of what appears to be. Perhaps it’s easy to imagine the money flows easy. Perhaps it’s hard to believe we scrap for every dollar, and there isn’t yet profit.

It’s closer. But roughly $6,000 for the barn isn’t in the coffers yet.

So what is this top ten list? Why does it matter? Maybe in the big scheme of things it doesn’t. But it’s one little corner of the world! It’s a move forward, not as fast as we’d like but what we can do now. This allows two things a month. I hope in sharing it, y’all might help us make our goals. Tell your friends, buy a share, sponsor someone, find a way to make things happen.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1. Before winter a minimum of an 18×21 carport structure – needed badly! Estimate on this is about $800 not counting fill or rock needed to smooth and raise an area, or sides to keep dogs and people out. Our current structure is getting worn, with pinhole leaks developing and while it hasn’t affected the animals, it sure doesn’t help with comfort we like to give them over and above. This would allow a solid roof over some rabbits, as well as a place to better start young birds.  It’s a step forward.

2. Adding some serious raised beds – looking at minimum 6 5×10 wood framed ones, and some perimeter concrete beds 10 feet long, 3 feet wide and two feet high down the side and front. With a four foot fence on top, it allows a six foot fence to protect the place. Additionally 3 of the wood framed ones will have fittings for greenhouse. These things are in the scope of the clinics. The soil in one area is fairly wet but workable. As these are laid out, between the raised beds will be a 4 foot area, with paths to drive between the rows. This allows access by 4wheeler or pickup and the space between beds allows room to work, as well as portable pens that make use of grass by housing – to graze – meat bunnies or young birds. Portable panels snap together when needed, store in the shed when not.

3. Work on front and private offices. This will be the hub of operations, as it’s really outgrowing the space we have in the mobile. It will allow a much more efficient way to get things happening. There are two large rooms that go across the front of the house, and the wood floors and old time solid construction lend itself to a get ready for now then tinker operation. First step – operational right now.

4. Add some new equipment. We need some new blood, and newer accommodations to allow proper repairs on older equipment which is still useful. Being prepared with equipment before adding more mouths is good!

5. Fix the floor in what was the kitchen – it’s been badly neglected, and while there is plenty of room for a big kitchen for processing goodies, it needs some help. The floor is basically sound, but has a bad spot on one side. Doing the work ourselves, with plywood, some boards and basics it’s easy $1,000 to keep the cold out before winter. Probably will be closer to twice that. Not finishing, just functional. Finishing comes later!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA6. Come up with 50 payments! Breaking into chunks helps. So much left to do and yet it needs to bring in sustainable income. We’re advancing from what has been to a new level.

7. Water catchment system – from roof to funnels (with filters!) to tanks to gardens. Estimated cost – about $600 including three 330 gallon tanks and drains.  Gardens then take no water from public water systems. Few really understand how much water can be captured with regular rain, and storing it allows it to be used when it’s NOT raining.

8. Planting orchard trees – some fruit and nut trees to get started growing, planting this fall. English walnuts, pecans are a big interest but there hasn’t been room. There is a spot in the grid and still allow plenty of sun room. Longer term, even after moving main operations to Kentucky, trees can grow here in a different zone than there. Options! Berries are planned also, as well as starting, selling and transplanting starts from the fig tree.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA9. Hoop greenhouse construction. More sun, more options. Our hoop for the birds has been a success over the last several years. Using the same principle, but with slightly altered construction, greenhouse options are good. We added the small greenhouse this year and quickly have pushed it to bursting! This will allow an early and productive start to the 2015 season.

10. Rare breed conservation continues – adding 5 more foundations. Ideas at this point are Creme D’Argent rabbits and, if we can find them late in the season, Pomeranian and/or Cotton Patch geese, Narragansett turkeys, and get some additional Buckeyes, Rhode Island whites, New Hampshire and possibly another option going. Those would be the layers next year – six months is a long time to wait for eggs! Because of the lay of the garden area, it may be too wet at times to mow, and if we eliminate all grass it can erode. A few geese can eat the grass without damaging anything else.

All of these actions move towards a bigger and better 2015, and it’s been a pretty big 2014 so far! It builds a short term and long term bridge to Kentucky land. It is steps we can take right now rather than sitting still. And it’s a lot of work we don’t get paid for to provide a little bit we do. Every little bit helps. Be it ebooks or clinics or shares. Think it doesn’t matter?

20 ebooks can provide 25 pullets, or 6 turkeys or goslings. Or 3 panels for the hoop greenhouse! Or 2 raised beds. Or 3 sheets of plywood for the kitchen floor. Do you know 20 people?Please tell them about us!

75 subscribers or 625 ebooks provide the metal shed before winter and the of the water catchment system and half of the raised beds.

20 mini shares covers the 50 payments. Or a hundred or so trial opportunities. Or 200 box sponsors to help others.

All hugely appreciated. Maybe we can even squeeze in – once these things done – a trip to Six Flags, requested by Connor. It would be well earned. Much to do in a short period of time.


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