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How We Treat Others – Ag in the Bible

July 20, 2014

I’ve touched on customer service in other posts. It’s too often in today’s world news when a person or a company wrongs someone. How about those that do a great job? The Dairy Queen worker who stepped up for a customer, for example, when another customer took advantage of the visually impaired customer.

This weekend, someone I know only as pepperseedman1971 on eBay warrants a tirade. If you can call it that. Recently I ordered two offerings from this person on eBay. I don’t buy much on eBay, partly because of the horrendous problems and partly because after, some time ago, ordering something that was never delivered and no refund it took a bite. Another issue with a seller a couple of years ago with a gift purchase didn’t help. I browse sometimes, am tempted sometimes, but pepperseedman1971 had an offering of seeds that I wanted. One was a superhot (which I have some in the ground now!) but another was a medium hot collection, with some different cayenne, pepperocinis and one called a lemon drop that production was mentioned. There were a few that noted production, and as we kick it up, production is an issue. In all it added over 30 types of peppers to the roster, and it will take some time to keep them straight!

The package arrived very quickly, and I looked at it briefly, set it aside and continued to deal with some other things. Late last week I picked it up to start some of the purple cayenne and lemon drop…only they weren’t in there. I looked through and started doing inventory…fully 9 of them weren’t in there, but there were four not on the list that was. I sent pepperseedman1971 a message, and got a message back which I found after church this morning. I rechecked the package…slip, on the desk, around the desk, on the floor. I scooted back and looked where Diva usually lays and…in the far corner of the desk on the floor…the light that time caught a small plastic bag. I fished it out and, sure enough, there were nine varieties that matched my list of missing things perfectly. Of course I sent a note apologizing profusely. My error completely! How to make up for the inconvenience? Call me a pepperholic.

I looked down his offering and ordered some sweet peppers! Thank you ebay seller pepperseedsman1971 for being awesome! Customer service is rewarded! It’s true!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also had occasion, recently, to contact the Puckerbutt Pepper company, not with a problem but in passing. Another outstanding customer service moment. It’s so easy to get growly at negative…but how much do we say thank you and buy from these folks when it warrants? Not enough. As customers we think it’s taken for granted, they SHOULD be thankful we buy from them. We don’t operate that way – it might lead to more orders, but the best business with poor handling will fail. These two deserve to thrive. It will be a while before we’re offering seeds, as we’ll have peppers this year but will be saving back seeds for next year (and more peppers!). If you need pepper seeds, buy with confidence with these two sources.

The customer is not always right. Customers make mistakes too. It comes down to people and how we treat others…and connects to farms, business and beyond.

Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him. Luke 17:3

Be willing to say I’m sorry. And forgive. One day it might be you needing to apologize because we’re all humanly imperfect.

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