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Imperfections, Life & Long Weeks

July 25, 2014

It’s been a week full of all of this! The imperfections are glaring as trying to load posts in a use-it-or-lose-it marathon. For those who missed it, I’ve been a writer for longer than I want to admit to. Several articles appear in magazines, but increasingly many are online. Many are not in my name – as I was hired to write and these include such a range from entertainer profile sites to how to.

Many – almost 700 of them – appeared on the YahooNews Network – also known as the “Voices” and other sections. Yahoo Contributor Network purchased Associated Content, who purchased something else many moons ago – and over the course of several years there’s been nearly 700 articles from how to tell if you need a roof fixed to ag topics to entertainers in country music to profiles. As of August 1 the Yahoo Contributor Network will cease to be, and all the articles not saved by then will be taken down and never existed. So…that’s almost 700 articles that will be absorbed into blogs, some in this one, many in the food sister blog, many in the LiveTheCountryDream blog and some in CustomRaisedBeds. Rabbit articles will go to LearnAboutRabbits.

And it leaves a huge amount of content…60 pages and growing on dogs. Over 150 on horses, plus over 40 on stable management and employment, plus some on writing and social media. These don’t really fit in the blogs so creation of ebooks is in the works and the first one, Basic Horse Sense, is ready to go at just $5. The funds help pay for projects here at the farm like others have, and there’s an impossible task ahead, it seems, so I’m hoping this is a Heavenly drop on the head answer. It’s meant a lot of cut and paste and organizing, and sometimes slip ups in accidentally posting today instead of just before Christmas!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt has meant some long days and challenges with an inflexible deadline, but the end is in sight! Of course there’s day to day things and tire blowouts, drama with others and daily tasks to do. Today we set fire to grass at the other place to burn off much dry debris – this makes it easier to mow on a very tired push mower, and lets us better see what we’re dealing with from a soil and water and seedling standpoint – all are important! Some changes in both funds and help has forced some changes in management decisions also, but only slightly.

There are times it’s easy to get jaded when someone makes promises because so often promises don’t happen. Sometimes it’s with good intentions, sometimes it’s unaware that other folks are involved, sometimes it’s self absorbed folks and sometimes it’s just life. It happens, but it’s easier to deal with (only just!) for just me than when it’s involving Connor. He’s already figured too often people don’t mean what they say, and I can’t help but wonder if he figures he doesn’t have to either. Following through, meaning what we say is important and I think crucial to pass along to the next generation. More than money, more than *things* it’s counting on word and reputation. Many think it’s old fashioned and maybe it is.

Still, much of life is like this field. All you see is grass. You don’t see the dry under layer that is so think to choke out competition. With that burned away, there’s some tall grass to trim and tender bare earth. What we plant in it and how we tend it is the path forward, not the fire or untended weeds. Those things destroy itself.

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