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What Does the Next Year Look Like for SlowMoneyFarm?

August 28, 2014

Changes are coming! Some big changes, some not so big ones. Our model of set up will be changing. Some things work, others haven’t .

wpid-20140828_110622.jpgwpid-20140828_110629.jpgWe’ll be a little less organic, as organic solutions don’t always work for us. With starting treatment before plants got bad, and treating during the time I was in Austin, the squash and melons have taken a beating. This means less food for us and our customers – and less income means…well how do we pay bills?! How do we exist let alone get done thousands of dollars in projects before spring?! Things we need to start now in order to be ready to hit full bore in spring? That takes cash and we just don’t see a demand that makes up for the loss.

We have raised beds to build, barns to get up, hoop greenhouse to get ready and a ton of winter preparation. We have people who have waited too long, and too many things pile up. Things must change!

wpid-20140828_114607.jpgThe discussions last week brought many thoughts, as well as some other things read that provided food for business thought. As I do periodically, looking not only right now but forward and back gives different views and perspectives. The open area between the shade and the ditch is a great deal of growing area. It’s nowhere near ready for weed free planting, which will probably be a combination of raised beds and other options.

We’ll need fencing, which was promised but not delivered. We need raised beds, collection tanks and gutters to recapture water. We’ll increase glass corn and popcorn next year and sunflowers. A different system for tomatoes will be started. We’ll expand peppers and let a do everything go as people have told us that’s not what they want. More volume, more specialized is what people want, in action, and that’s what we’ll be providing.

Keeping up with progression, Ancona ducks are ordered for spring and will again be here! I’ve missed having them although  the Muscovy ducks are interesting. I’m hoping a small breeding flock of geese can help with weeding the aisles.

It’s difficult to cover the workload with 2 people and another part time. It’s difficult to find time to get everything done, so more automated is needed to free us up for what can’t be automated.

There have been discouraging losses. There are birds past retirement age. There are a lot of folks who want more. We need to survive. Craft and ebooks are only part of it, and we’ll need a lot of help and referrals. Thanks for joining us on our trip, and here in the blog.

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