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Remembering Jimi Jamison

September 2, 2014

Many may not know the name but if you listened to radio or watched Baywatch you’ve probably heard his voice. He’s been a part of the music scene for a long time. It’s another voice silenced too soon.

Oddly prophetic as is the second one here, less familiar than other songs he did that I’ve posted here on the blog before.

Health issues come to many. Sometimes they come suddenly, as with two incredible voices this year. George Donaldson earlier this year and now Jami Jamison. He was not only an iconic voice, but a good guy who took time for people. Born in Mississippi, raised in Memphis, toured the world.

Jimi’s talented way with a song entered my world decades ago. Among them, a song shared with someone special that just didn’t work. A song has a way of putting you in a moment and this was one that even upwards of 30 years later made me think of that one person, remember the moment, shed a tear and go on.  Probably also more familiar.

Amazing that with million dollar a week tours he was making under $500 of it – according to an interview – but clearly loving music and good at it. He’ll be missed. One of the more popular offerings from the mid 80s:

A voice of “Eye of the Tiger” from a “Rocky” movie as well as a theme song from BayWatch, he’ll definitely count as a loss. Another reminder we’re all getting older, we don’t know when our last day will be. It’s reported hours before he was performing – doing what he loved to the last day.

We should all have that. Don’t miss a day with online drama or offline things that don’t really matter.

Rest in peace Jimi. 😦

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