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Unseen Abundance – Ag in the Bible

September 7, 2014

So often it seems God is seen as a vending machine. Put prayer in get blessing out. Perhaps it’s also too easy to miss the abundance around us because it’s not what we need. Does it mean that we overlook blessings? I hope not!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA few days ago I got a call from ‘the bread store’ – a bakery outlet that we get ‘bakery waste’ from. This isn’t for our storing up – it’s for use as animal feed. Some are horrified. Some impressed. Some incensed that food for people is being fed to animals. Some sad to know there are hungry people around the world who could use that food, even if it’s dated.

It brings up conflict sometimes. On one hand, it’s grains processed and useful as a supplement to the animal’s feed, which stretches our feed budget and helps us get by. Whole grain breads are dried to reduce the chances of digestive upset in the rabbits, and they all eagerly wait their treats. Even young rabbits eagerly nibble the whole grain and wheat bread, buns or other baked goods. Chickens and ducks make use of any kind of bread or rolls, while the younger turkeys just realized it was food and show a preference for the brown bread.

Of course the dogs will sneak a piece if they get a chance but mostly it’s the ‘livestock’ critters that benefit from this waste. It’s waste that is criticized and at the same time demanded.

As I was loading the other day I pondered the number of people it could feed, as I do often. Why this amount of food from just one location is being discarded.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAbundance. We want what we want when we want it – and it better be there or else! WAIT to bake bread? Pshaw…just buy a loaf! Or two. So there’s a demand for white, wheat, whole grain and more – all the time for convenience of customers. Butter bread, honey wheat, hot dog and hamburger buns (also in that variety!) and specialty breads. The chances of coming out exactly what people want for a given week are low because as we have found ordering exact doesn’t happen…it’s inconvenient. And when it passes through the grocery stores and other outlets, then through the ‘day old’ and discount places it needs to go…somewhere. Somewhere else. Sometimes a small spot of mold is started, sometimes it’s just dated, sometimes it’s broken open and ‘crusty’. But it has to go somewhere else.

The liability of giving to people can be…well, unforgiving. The animals don’t complain if it’s a little stale – and if there’s a spot that is really bad it’s tossed in the compost pile.

Bread is cheap. Disposable. If it’s not abundant people are unhappy. Bread aisles are full with dozens of brands and types of breads, buns, rolls and muffins that we merely take out of the bag and eat. That bread that lasts several days (for if it doesn’t it’s criticized) is also criticized for preservatives that make it last several days.

Have you ever thought about what if it wasn’t there? If every household had to bake a loaf of bread or rolls in order to eat daily? How much would it change your schedule to have to make the baked goods you consume – from bread to croutons to breakfast rolls?

Our daily bread. Don’t take it for granted. That abundance is harnessed with ‘waste’ that animals make use of to keep it out of landfills.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. James 1:17

Abundance is relative. Don’t waste it.

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