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It’s Not Fair! We Want THIS…as Long As You Pay For It

September 9, 2014

Today’s contribution from our sister blog – go on over and have a look if you haven’t before. Food issues in the news are in the blog!

Slow Money Food

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave you heard about the organic company that was purchased by an established food giant? It seems Annie’s – beloved by the organic nonGMO crowd – has sold out and was purchased by General Mills. The heat coming from the screen is intense.

Comments. Oh so many comments. Angry people “it’s just about money”…”the profit is most important”. Some nasty, ugly, horrible comments I won’t repeat here (nor allow in my comment section). All pointing fingers.

It’s a funny thing about pointing fingers. You point and there’s three pointing back at you. Point all five and it’s a handshake – a discussion and a chance for, maybe, finding solutions. One critic lists working for Bob Evans – they don’t use GMOs? So if he works for something he doesn’t believe in is it just about money?

I’ve been following the public demand on many levels for a few years. It’s…

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