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Pray For Peace

September 10, 2014

As another 911 approaches, images and replays take us back to that day. Like a jumbled collage there are heartbreaking images etched on the hearts of millions.

We vowed many things in the wake of 9/11. We’d be kinder, spend more time with family, respect the heroes that were first responders and one by one so many of those get put aside.

We’ve had losses. We’ve seen hatred revived. Some believe we’re in the end days. Some believe there’s no hope. Some believe we should stay firm and pray.

Painful memories are something we often want to shut out. The towers falling. The planes hitting the towers. The smoke from the rubble. The lives torn apart. The people trapped that in a final act of desperation jumped to their deaths. People from around the world died without consideration to ethnic background or skin color because of how we think.

There are still those who want to kill because of how we think. They will come again. There will be more horrific attacks both on our soil and far away – things those who signed a blank check with their life in Iraq and Afghanistan were trying to prevent. Their repayment has fallen so, so short.

For families, communities, leaders and enemies. Pray for peace.

It’s needed more than ever.

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