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When the Truth Isn’t Enough…Lie

September 15, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAdmit it you’ve seen it – GMOs are evil. It’s affecting fertility of us and our livestock. It’s making young girls mature faster but in three generations we’ll be sterile. No GMO! March Against Monsanto. The world’s going to end tomorrow!
The world probably will end soon, from a Biblical perspective, but that’s not the fear factor anti GMO point. And although food safety isn’t a funny thing I can’t help myself today. There’s the disturbing, twisted guy in California who killed his girlfriend’s dog, fed it to her and…well yea it gets worse. There’s the surgery on a goldfish – I’m all for doing what we can for our pets but the fear of death seems to have reached a fever pitch.
So what happens when the truth isn’t enough? How far will people go to insure people believe what isn’t true? It comes down to a few points for me.
First was a friend who commented on someone who sent a friend request. Poor guy – he works for Monsanto and has no friends. Someone else said who would want to be friends with Monsanto. I said maybe he’s a psycho that has nothing to do with Monsanto. Call me jaded. Then I went and looked up the name – Dr. Atticus Noyle. Sound familiar? It didn’t to me.
On his Facebook page he posted news of food collection Monsanto did in Colorado. With this note:

Monsanto and the corporate executives, in tandem with the rich elite, have been working on this for some time. Depopulate the poor through the genetically modified foods (some of which I worked to develop) with gene-switches inside them, killing those who are unworthy humans. Our political elite, from Monsanto to government and back again, know what they are doing.

So someone from England goes to Facebook, as a DOCTOR, makes a page, has no friends (including among Monsanto?!)…why? There’s a claim to develop food that people can switch and kill people. So if 10 people eat – for example – corn flakes (which may or may not use GMO corn) then this guy can click to kill only those 7 deemed unworthy? The other three are ok? A bit far fetched.  I did a search…are you ready for this? Dr. Atticus Noyle is a character in a movie. The Manchurian Candidate.

So it looks real, slams Monsanto and does so under the name of someone who doesn’t exist. Why? To warn of dangers of GMOs? OK here’s the thing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf straight talk about GMOs doesn’t change people’s minds why does their choice mean less than ours? If it takes this big of a ruse to be believed, then how much of what they claim is true to begin with? Isn’t it enough to say “I don’t trust or understand the technology so I don’t want to eat it?”

Because that’s what choice is. Choice needs to be harnessed with action – ok if you don’t like that – go buy nonGMO corn flakes. They exist, and are labeled and tested. If enough people do that the GMO “issue” that a minority of people (really – a million out of 300million + is a minority!) have whipped up. If it was 100% true, #foodbabearmy would not exist. All would HAVE their choice by buying it now.

But…but…sorry. No buts. People are buying diapers by mail! Dog food! Don’t tell me you can’t get nonGMO cereal by mail order a couple boxes per month. Cheerios is in almost every grocery store and saw no increase from going nonGMO…so are not maintaining the switch. You have to buy it folks! It’s about money? Yep it is because we all have to pay our bills. How many hundreds of dollars does it cost to drive somewhere to protest against Monsanto? Here’s a thought. Take that money and invest it in a farm that needs some extra sales. Finance the competition. Insure demand.

Understand that most people want those ‘big food’ brands. They’re convenient. There is variety. It tastes good. They don’t want to pay for special pastries at $18 when the others are $2 and it’s a once a month treat. There’s also cereals for $4-5 shipped right to the door. Plan ahead…instead of driving to that next protest order nonGMO food. Increase the sales of it so it’s more than a niche no one really wants. That’s the reality folks – it doesn’t do any good to protest, tag #foodbabearmy and gush about the latest in choices if you don’t make use of those choices.

If it was as horrible as people say, GMO would not exist. It wouldn’t need fear factor, it wouldn’t need Facebook pages of a character from a movie about the Korean war to make you believe it’s true. There wouldn’t be so much time twisting words, covering up, banning those who question or don’t agree, screaming I HAVE THE ANSWERS and manipulating the media.

No one yet has grown three heads or had aliens shoot from their chest because of eating food that has ingredients that were grown with GMO technology. We don’t use it, but it doesn’t change the truth. Many don’t like it…awesome.

Use the truth. Preference. Opinion. That’s enough as no one can challenge that. Own it. No more deception and fake names, fake stories, fooling people to believe that which is not true. What it really comes down to – if you don’t want it, don’t buy it. Finance an alternative. Manipulation to get the masses to seem to agree with you backfires. Every…time. It did in California. It did in Washington. People saw that not all the claims were true and decided nothing needed to change.

How much difference if those millions were put to a real solution? We’re waiting.

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