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Chemical Fears, Dual Peppy & Emotion or Science

September 22, 2014

I know, I know the title might not make sense.These things don’t make sense or seem to fit together, and yet there is common issues in emotion vs science, what should be done vs what is, what you are doing vs what someone else out there does. We love to tell others what to do. Some folks make a career from it. Some love to evoke dramatic things. Sometimes it’s what matters to us.

Many folks are up in arms due to a show from Dr. Oz that told of new chemicals that are going to be drenched over fields all over and kill you. *Sigh* except it’s not true. Points for dramatic effect of showing an airplane – which the pesticide will not be sprayed from. There is still options to buy local, direct, organic – still food choices. The pesticide has actually been in use for decades. Those in the know assure me that it’s not for food crops – unless you’re munching on corn silage or cotton Tshirts you probably wouldn’t come across it save for people using it in their lawns. But we must reduce chemicals!! Ah yes – Dr. Oz recommendation to fan the flames of ratings. How about a product with no ingredients available (I looked at five websites) but a chemical name – and it *IS* for ingesting?

Does anyone want geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate, generically called GGPP, tis scientific formula being C22H34O7? Is that enough chemical names to make you run the other way? You see it’s not for Dr. Oz. Defenders say he doesn’t endorse things, but companies and websites say something else. I’m pretty sure that there’s probably a financial incentive attached too. And the website – – indicates that those chemicals are ok! In fact, at this writing it’s mentioned 17 times on Dr. Oz’s own website! Wow!

Default.htm_txt_DualPeppyOK so that started things off with a puzzle. Then an update on some horses in Colorado. In particular a well known horse named Dual Peppy. In his circles at one time Dual Peppy was as recognized as Dr. Oz is in his. OK maybe a little more, as he had mare owners pay money to create little Dual Peppy foals and I think it’d be an Enquirer reporter’s dream if there was evidence of Dr. Oz doing that! Not to make light of a serious situation, but Dual Peppy was found in a barn, starved, with skeletons left in the barn to decompose. It’s beyond disgusting in my opinion.

dualPeppystarvingThings get tight – it has here. There might be meals that are short but everyone’s always eaten. When people see things like this it’s “why didn’t they ask for help?” and it’s true, that was a question for me. Because at 22 years of age Dual Peppy has deserved better than that. Dual Peppy has paid his grocery bill, and then some. He earned his keep and that of many others.

When things are tight it’s hard to ask for help. It’s sometimes criticized but more often than not, in my experience, it’s ignored. Then we go on and find the best way to feed our animals. Or most of us do. Dual Peppy, however, was in a barn with hay and was not removed, nor were 7 other skinny but surviving horses. It’s cited no legal way to do so, as they have hay and are being cared for.

There are many not as famous as Dual Peppy. There are many in worse shape. There are many with fewer watching. People look at the image on the right and most are shocked that it’s the same horse. There are people who will take him, but he’s visible. What about the other? What about emotion vs. science – or law? Yes he’s skinny – at his age a particular concern. But he’s alive, and while he won’t look like his former self again, he has a future if those involved take action.

Be it Dual Peppy or chemicals or food – it comes to taking action. It comes to what is emotion and what is science, what is law and how things work within that realm. The law says animals must be fed daily – many laws say in an amount and quality to maintain condition. Clearly he’s not getting enough to eat. In a low spot things happened. I’m glad that our animals have enough to eat, and hurt for those who don’t.

The horrible part for me is the 12 skeletons are said to have died last winter from colic. There is no way to tell now, but *last winter*. These horses did without for a long time. It’s months of summer graze available. Hay available. Did the people not ask? Or did people not answer when they did? It’s easy to sit outside and judge but that doesn’t take care of the problem – it doesn’t provide nourishment for this big hearted no quit champion of a horse who hung on for months until seen.

It takes action – and every person reading can take action on something.A balance of emotion and reason is needed – whether it’s champion horses or television doctors. Looking the other way allows it to continue…whatever *it* is. Don’t be that person that looks the other way. Help, make a decision, implement action, do something. A balance of law/science and emotion is needed – without both there are unfair extremes. Implement both. Science or law alone overlooks those trying but in a low spot, or (science) anything because this says it’s ok. Emotion alone says you must not do what I don’t like. Implement both.

Today’s world needs it.


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