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SlowMoneyFarm Farm Share Changes

September 29, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrom the beginning of the idea, the farm share program was designed not only as a means of raising funds for operation but helping folks get a good deal on food and us a direct market for what we produce. The price point has proven to be problematic for many, and the demand has been underwhelming although the value per pound is good.

As mentioned a couple weeks ago on social media channels, this program comes to an end at the end of September to make way for a new program. This means that Tuesday is the last day to sign up for a farm share as it currently exists. Those sold will be honored, but it may or may not come back again.

We’re working on some new ideas for 2015 that will focus more on local and on shipping those items that aren’t as perishable. We’ll be expanding herbs, peppers and have some surprises in store as well as options for those in the local community. Some higher value options are possible too.

Stay tuned here for updates, but if you’re interested in a farm share, now is the time! The links will be taken down Wednesday morning so don’t wait. Remember if you go to the Facebook page there is a BillMeLater option through PayPal! You can use craft shares and other things (some which ships) but we are reorganizing a bit to offer some new things.

Change is good, but it’s likely someone will want a share and is thinking about it but not decided. It’ll be good through 2015 until you use the amount you chose for the share…so if you’re thinking about it hop over to the website or Facebook page and buy now. Remember it’s better to say “I’m glad I did” than “I wish I had.”

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