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Are You Looking for Alabama Food Choices?

October 1, 2014

Comment sections and social media outlets are full of those wanting food options. Many folks live in an apartment and don’t have room for gardens or raising it themselves. The outlay of equipment can get expensive as can the cost to get small amounts of something.

Along with this, community is something that is important. With the ending of the farm share program, and the projects that are ahead, a new possibility has come up to bring interests together and allow those without room or outlay to have access to food they choose.

I’m implementing personalized raised beds on an annual ‘rental’ for those near enough to tend a spot if they had one. Each person (or family) tends their own garden area and makes decisions. A flat fee covers a year’s use of the bed, allowing people to use it for the winter, use a green manure or use nothing at all until spring, as they wish.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe fee includes up to $50 in seeds and plants and use of community equipment – trowels, etc. No chemical herbicides are allowed – after all we’re talking a five foot by ten foot area with few weeds to begin with, so it shouldn’t be difficult to keep up! Each raised bed person makes decisions of what they want to grow, and is responsible for pest control, watering, harvest and other chores. Pesticides and fungicides are allowed within reason. We’re looking at a drip irrigation option on a five gallon bucket for those who don’t need to look at the garden daily!

The idea is giving people a chance to learn and try their hand at food production with not a large amount of cost. Some might use it for homeschooling projects, while someone else just wants food while someone else might want to try the things they read about hands on. From insect traps to companion planting to succession planting this is a chance to try new things.

All beds will be in use for the first time, and a perimeter fence will help keep trespassing out (as well as roaming dogs)! A limit of a dozen 5×10 and a dozen 3×10 beds make a community that benefits from cooperative purchases while helping with projects going forward. Some experiences are best learned hands on, and for those near enough to do so, here is an opportunity to do so in Nauvoo Alabama.

Yes it will be a learning experience for all – and for readers here! Don’t forget our Simple Country Goodness exclusive stream also – a dollar helps from anywhere!


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