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Patriotic Christmas Cards Show Colors – Ordered or Handmade

October 5, 2014

cropped-usflag.jpgI can hear the “how care you” mentioning Christmas in October!There’s a reason, dear reader, and it won’t be the last time. You see, traditional practices are kind of nice, and if you need to order these without a rush, you’ll need to order now, which gives you time to get them, get them addressed and mailed after Thanksgiving without rushing. See…planning ahead works!

Patriotic Christmas cards can vary from the subtle card featuring eagles to those that have branches of the military recognized on them. For those who support the troops or are just proudly American sending patriotic cards is as natural as breathing. Here are some companies that have cards available.

1.LeaninTree cards include three designs with eagles – two in flight and one perched. There are other general greeting cards with eagles also but for holiday cards the eagles set against a snowy or cloudy backdrop make a beautiful card. These are easily ordered online as well as available at many retail outlets.

2.The HolidayCardWebsite also has multiple patriotic Christmas cards with flags included in a scene or as a focal point in the red white and blue. They are easily ordered online or via 800-205-6400.

3.Patriotic greeting cards and Christmas cards are a focal point at where not only can you find patriotic cars but those for respective branches of the military. Ordering is easy either through their online storefront or calling 877-640-8206. They not only have cards but many other beautiful items on the site as well. .

4.RobertMcMahan Photography has a line of patriotic cards that are easily ordered online as well. From personalized cards from New York City these cards are particularly moving in the wake of 9/11. Phone orders also accepted at 212-228-6294.

5. YellowRibbonGreetings have all American Christmas cards as well. This is a military and patriotic card company owned by a Marine mom. Several photos are available on the cards throughout the site.

6.For those looking for an e-card option has several beautiful cards for all occasions and reasonable prices. It costs nothing for someone who receives a card to read it but a two year subscription to unlimited cards is a very reasonable fee and allows sending cards year round. For those not wanting a paper card this is an economical alternative.

Each of these companies has multiple cards and styles to fit a variety of situations under the “patriotic greeting card” banner. Whether you are sending to or from proud Americans or want something specific to Marines or other branches of the military these companies offer some beautiful cards that capture the spirit of the season as well as the spirit of America. Check the selection of patriotic Christmas cards out and consider sending patriotic cards this year.Beat the rush by ordering early!

411px-'Sow_the_Seeds_of_Victory^_Plant_and_raise_your_own_vegetables._Write_to_the_National_War_Garden_Commission..._-_NARA_-_512498For may patriotic images are every day. While many people wave flags for the 4th of July, Memorial day and Veterans day, others live it every day. Perhaps it’s a family of veterans or a soldier or the family of someone serving half way around the world. Or perhaps it’s someone who simply stands in support of these men and women, who loves our country every day. Patriotic Christmas cards are appreciated and homemade patriotic Christmas cards are something that speaks of time, not just something bought commercially.

There are three easy craft projects that you can do to create patriotic cards. Begin by getting pre-made cards which already have the right sized envelopes. These are blank cards found in the stationery aisle of many stores, often near the computer printed papers. These can be ordered online also. While in that aisle, pick up some watercolor markers or colored pencils if you wish to “color in” the rubber stamps. If desired get a Christmas rubber stamp too for the inside or simply write your own greeting. Look at sites for military and patriotic rubber stamps like CreatingMilitaryMemories and find patriotic or military themed rubber stamps. Don’t overlook an eagle, or other image that represents America. You can also find rubber stamps with hills, trees and other parts of scenes on them, and creatively putting them together so that each card is unique.

A similar unique patriotic Christmas card can be made using basic glue and picture techniques limited only by your creativity. Cut photos from magazines or catalogs and arrange them as miniature scrapbook pages on the front of the cards, or a collage type with images that fit the season. The cost of this is limited to the blank cards and postage and recycles cards, magazines and other items that might otherwise be thrown away. Use glue and let them dry thoroughly before sending. Add bits or lace, red white and blue ribbon or other odds and ends that fit the message of the season. This can use scrap pieces to make unique, individual homemade Christmas cards – the finest in recycling!

You can expand this by making a “3D” effect on the front of the card. Scrapbooking supplies can take the collage and ribbon even further using the same techniques. Use die cutouts, glitter and other craft supplies. Be creative.

Homemade cards automatically open with love and that is the real meaning of the holidays. For someone far from home, or their loved ones separated by distance, or the family missing someone for the first time or third time or tenth time this year the holidays are different. Give a touch to honor them with the spirit of Christmas with homemade patriotic cards.


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