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Darryl Worley “Sounds Like Life” Aptly Name – Country Month Archives

October 11, 2014

A peek in the past of an article written in 2009, revisited during Country Music month.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADarryl Worley recently released his long awaited “Sounds Like Life” cd and it was worth the wait. Now on the charts with the title track it’s been far too long since this talented artist was on radio and certainly deserves a place there. This CD is a winner.

From the opening strains and lyric of the first song “HonkyTonk Life” it gives a glimpse of the not so glamorous side of being an entertainer…one of my favorite on the cd.

The cd then sets into the easy melody of “Best of Both Worlds”. Not everything is always as it seems as is clear in “Slow Dancin’ With a Memory”. Sometimes it pays to look behind initial appearances and we all have more in common than some think initially.

The title track kicks in next that underscores perception. Sometimes especially in tough times it’s easy to see the bad stuff and get overwhelmed and it takes a real friend to say “I know this ain’t what you want to hear but it’s what I’m gonna say…sounds like life to me…” and “…man I know it’s tough but you gotta suck it up…” and while the character is concerned about responsibilities of three kids and a wife’s positive pregnancy test he orders a drink to celebrate the positive.

“Doin’ What’s Right” is about standing up for the right thing even when it’s difficult. “Son the only thing you have to do is answer to yourself…don’t sell out don’t compromise…” are even more true words when things are uncertain. The next cut “Tequila On Ice” isn’t the drinking song it sounds like but an easy on the ears ode to finding the right person that can seem impossible to find.

“Everyday Love” and “Nothing But Money” continue the life ‘theme’ and different aspects of life. “Don’t Show Up” is a laugh out loud good time that is FAR too – well suffice many will identify with the opening of it! With appearances from Mel Tellis, Bill Anderson, Ira Dean, John Anderson and the “Krew” band members it’s a fun song that would be fun around a bonfire. “Leave your worries and cares behind” and take a break to laugh a little with this song!

“Messed Up In Memphis” transitions the mood to the most serious song on the cd, a powerful song ending the cd called ‘You Never Know.” All too often after a loss it’s “we should have” or “next week I’ll do it” and sometimes it’s all gone in a minute. “Don’t be fighting with your brother, tell your mama that you love her, hold your woman tight…” and making use of the time we have now to LIVE and tell those we love that we love them. We’re not guaranteed tomorrow and this song puts the message out there that needs to be on every radio station. It’s time for that message to get out there again – too often we forget it until it’s too late.

Top to bottom this is a strong cd that is well worth the money and your hard earned entertainment dollars. There’s not a bad cut on the cd. Check it out and get it today!


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