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If It Sounds Good Is It Good?

October 14, 2014

SugarsImagine a sweet, non fat additive that not only do people like but want more of. Non fat means you can add it to everything, right? So it is – it’s added in places that people wouldn’t think to look for it, but adds a sweetness, or masks the bitterness of other ingredients. And it’s non fat. All natural. Renewable. In several forms.

Want to know what this wondrous ingredient is?

Sugar. It is non fat. It’s not calorie free but doesn’t have *fat*.

Sometimes what is described to us sounds good until the full picture comes, and in that full picture is something we may or may not choose. After all, an adult diabetic, an overweight person, a child and an athlete all have different views, potentially, of sugar.

Many products on the shelves of stores generate similar differences in views, but not all with the same amount of animosity as sugar.

Sometimes being told something that isn’t quite true is irritating. Sometimes outright true is easy to see. Sometimes true is not what you were expecting. Sometimes there’s just enough truth to get you to alter your choices.

And there’s people making a lot of money convincing people to part with theirs, while those trying to be honest struggle. When we look at rewarding people we pass it’s the hard working people that help others – but without full information that isn’t always the reality. Like the non-fat sugar, it sounds good, it’s true but it’s not what we thought.

Sometimes it takes time to slow down and consider all factors. We’re bombarded by information, we have messages from our partner, family, people we pass day to day that might hold more influence than others.

Consider your sources, trust your sources. Following a charismatic, likeable person may not be a good thing, or may take you far off the path you thought you were following. Blazing your own trail may be good – blazing it for someone else might not be what you had in mind.

Like non-fat sugar. Like BS labels. Like people who aren’t what they seem to be. When it comes to your decisions about food, about the meals that you serve your family it shouldn’t be on fear, it shouldn’t be on a rotating guess where the shell is now.

It’s why I strive to be honest, and sometimes that might be perceived as being on the ‘wrong side’ or some other divisive description. Sometimes it’s just explaining that perspective isn’t just about sounding good.

After all sugar is non-fat, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t fattening. It’s good in many things. It’s not something we want to eliminate – well, most of us don’t!

The full story is important. Make sure you get it when making your food decisions.

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  1. October 14, 2014 9:19 PM

    My common sense has led me to reading labels, which have run me off from buying processed foods. I’m constantly looking back in history, around the early ’60’s… remembering the very first few items… Jell-O…Macaroni and Cheese (with the powdered cheese)…Rice a’ Roni. And then Hamburger Helper came on to the scene. But today’s labels show me so many products with the same name, different ingredients. And I’m appalled by all the multiple variances of sweeteners. The real kicker of it all, though… it’s just cheaper to cook like I’m in the ’50’s… and a lot more fun. Because, when I wanna bake a cake… I know I’m using foundation ingredients. I can use sugar… and enjoy pigging out, if I want! Ya’ know?! 😉

    • October 14, 2014 9:30 PM

      I agree! Used to think Tuna Helper was *the* coolest thing…now it just doesn’t seem like that big of thing. I like raising stevia, hope to get bees soon, variety is good. But I admit nothing really beats from scratch cooking! My choice. I see the frosted cool looking cookies that tempt me every few months into trying one more time and it’s just not that special. While the abundance of choices is cool, it doesn’t beat the old time bakeries or from scratch. Am glad there’s someone else spoiled by those memories! 🙂

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