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Financial Priorities: You Paid How Much?

October 15, 2014

No matter what we do there will be someone we pass that doesn’t get our level of passion about some things. For some folks, what they spend their money on is ok but someone else spends money on their choices it’s not. A light hearted look today at differences as we struggle to get projects done and post about offers we have to try to finance those things – perspective!

MichaelKorsMicroStudSatchel498BelkI admit I get a shock to go to the mall, so I get that others probably don’t get the perspective. Even browsing online is amazing, sometimes even more so. I look at handbags – $498 handbags! – and think it’s a joke. Surely it’s a joke, right? No? Do you realize $500 could provide not one but four raised beds with greenhouse covers on them that feeds people? That’s one project I’m working on for the fall, and it’s looking grim. 200 ebooks seems impossible even at $3 – but those $498 handbags aren’t edible.

Alternately, $500 here could provide four uncovered raised beds and four with shelters that allow chicks to run in the 5×10 bed yet remain covered. That’s 400 square feet of vegetables that folks can eat. Alternately it could provide 150 pullet chicks and the feed to get them well towards egg laying age. Hungry yet?!

Another $500 project – two large hutches, one to house growing rabbits and the other for larger pens for the bigger does and bucks. Any of these are needed much sooner than a handbag.

MichaelKorsWallet168Another addition is the matching wallet – $168. I thought it was a misprint – surely a typo. Nope – not so. I’d sooner have a small flock of rare breed ducks and turkeys, or a season’s worth of organic and heirloom seeds! A batch of nut and fruit trees and berry bushes.

Beyond that it would provide winter clothing for the upcoming season, maybe a few Christmas gifts that otherwise isn’t going to happen. $168 is a month’s worth of groceries or fuel – so justifying a $168 wallet I just can’t do. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around roughly $670 in these two items but I freely admit fashion in such things is not a big thing on my list.

Some probably are muttering that it needs to be…but why? I get more use out of any of these other things than a wallet and a bag.

Then there’s shoes. $200 sandals and more for other name brand shoes. To me it’s obscene. That’s a year’s worth of hay, or one more payment on ‘the office’ or 20 turkeys or 100 meat birds to help others out with. We can’t eat shoes. Admittedly I see boots I’d like to have. Been eying a $90 pair for about three years now…but funds are needed elsewhere.

800pxFruits_veggiesI looked at nail salon prices online – $35-50 from what I could see. I guess for those who have the painted long nail can’t do anything look it is pretty – but wouldn’t last here. At a quarter of the length mine catch on things – short and trim at the base, no frills thanks.

I am more drawn to HolyClothing than the mall, and will pass the $359 dog pillow fashion statement for a few rolls of fencing and posts to keep other people’s dogs out of the garden area as well as other people. I’d love to have $300-400 to put up plants still on the list. While I don’t begrudge perceived fashion spending it’d be nice to have a few crumbs to get necessities!

Rather than hundreds of dollars for a wearable fragrance, I’d rather a living fragrance that perfumes the entire garden and home with lilacs, jasmine and honeysuckle. Fashion genes skipped here, I’m afraid. I like dressing up, but the critters aren’t impressed and heels would get stuck in the manure. Practical does matter.

For less than a designer wallet I can build a hoop greenhouse to get an early start on spring seeds. It allows for feeding others, but is a stress trying to cover even these small projects – and there’s many of them!

That’s a lot of priorities before fashion statements.

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