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10 Time Saving HouseCleaning Tips

October 16, 2014


There are few people that I know who list house cleaning as their favorite jobs. While most like the results of a clean home the actual cleaning is not a joy for many but a necessity.

For this reason saving time is important as well as saving money. One of the biggest time savers then comes in regular cleaning. If it’s added up do 15 minutes or a half hour per day. No one looks forward to an all day cleaning job but sometimes the jobs we dread the most are only 5-10 minutes when we actually *do* them! Get in a routine to do one thing. Flylady stresses cleaning the sink – for others it may be cleaning the stove that happens at the end of the day no matter what. This leaves it clean and ready for breakfast.

Shake out rugs outside at least once per week. This takes but a minute or so, but removes dirt and dust from the home. Sweep under the rug and put it back down. Some do a load of rugs per week in the laundry while others may do this once per month or less often.

Consider a no-shoes policy. Have a chair by the door and shoes or boots are removed when coming in the home. Some may have slippers or ‘indoor only’ shoes. This is a habit that takes time to do.

Look up! Once per week dust door trims, ceiling fan blades and cabinets with a damp rag. This need not be a detailed cleaning and takes but minutes to do. Wipe smudges from doors around the handles, wipe down appliances and look in corners for spider webs. Make note of spider webs returning as they often find themselves where a draft is present.

Get children to help in housework! There is no reason children cannot do small chores in addition to maintaining their room. Sweeping the floor daily or wiping the table off after meals can be done even at a fairly young age. Have preschoolers help sort laundry – “same” and “different” can be taught as well here as on television! A six or seven year old knows enough to pick up bottles or cans to put in the trash or recycling bin.

Don’t expect perfection. Although there may be family members that disagree, a home need not be spotless to be a home. Using all products anti-bacterial and shooting for a sterile home doesn’t work and actually prevents building immunity that can result in fewer illnesses.

Toss out “too many” – too many plastic storage containers, pans or other items that make it impossible to find what you need. Donate it to a family who needs it or have a yard sale. Keep “stuff” from accumulating around the doorway or where it’s dropped.

Consider having a few bins that are color coded for storing decorations or use a marker to label them. This allows one or two bins to be pulled down for Easter decorations or Halloween or by the season. Consolidating your decorations makes it easier to put up and take down as well as keeps them in one closet or part of the garage.

These bins can be used for seasonal clothing too. Keep what you use – discard what you don’t to someone who can use it. Wash it, put it up and it keeps what you need now easier to find and maintain. The same principle can work for bedding and curtains. This can make a fresh look a few times per year as well as washing and changing winter blankets for spring or summer months to a lighter amount needed. This, in turn, saves on heating and cooling costs as you have to change the room temperature less.

If you have carpeting forgo the expensive carpet cleaners. Sprinkle with baking soda to freshen carpets – baking soda is a major ingredient in “carpet fresheners” but at a much higher price than baking soda in boxes!

These things – again – need not be time consuming if done quickly and regularly. Find a routine that works and love your home more than ever!

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