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Choose Positive

October 21, 2014

Sometimes life is unfair. Sometimes temporary low times seem like permanent and sometimes it’s good to sit with a dog and just enjoy *this moment*. Dogs get it. They don’t think about what if the check doesn’t come or what if this situation doesn’t work out or what if next month isn’t better.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJust be. What if we choose positive. That’s not rose colored glasses that say “lalalala I’m not listening to that lalalala”. It’s saying ok sometimes life sucks…but sometimes it’s pretty awesome too.

It seems like the internet brings out the biggest freak show sometimes like there’s a race to crazy. But it also makes possible good things. There’s a lot of fake but there’s a lot of cool too.

Last night I looked on Facebook and found a few people I haven’t seen in years. Good times, good memories but sometimes life changes, paths don’t cross and it takes a shot of luck to reconnect. Doing so is good!

Then I get on this morning and see…a friend who has people putting sexual content on his page, despite being asked repeatedly to not do such things as his wife and family is on his page. Respect. There’s the Craigslist car seller who was found after someone decided they wanted the car and the money. Respect. There’s the situations that are just outright wrong, unfair and we can’t do anything about it…except choose positive.

There’s enough negativity in the world. Helping friends through low times goes on whether in person or online, and we all need someone to listen sometimes! Wasn’t that long ago in a time of not thinking straight some kind words made all the difference. What if he’d been too busy to say he’d pray for me? What if he’d said “don’t bug me now! Get over it!”. Meh. Could have been having a bad day too…but that didn’t happen, cost him nothing but helped.

We too often think it must be expensive grand gestures and it’s not. More often it’s a few words of support, listening, just being nice. There are some that *have* cut contact…some I didn’t think would. Life goes on y’know.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf someone isn’t going to keep their word, isn’t interested in sharing life on any level, is it a friend? We pass many people each days without being connected and might open a door or say something in passing and that, too, costs nothing.

Make a difference for someone. It might be your turn to give today and receive tomorrow. That’s what friends do.

Take the high road, focus on the positive, help people up and empower them in low times. The bickering, fights, negativity and drama that is too often connected just doesn’t need to happen. Boundaries, respect and expectations – if those aren’t there, it says much.

Life is too short folks. Maybe it’s just the realization that there’s more days behind me than ahead but make ’em count. Help someone in your circle, or the ripples of your circle. That’s what it’s about.

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