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12 Country Wedding Songs That Weren’t Singles

October 22, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s country music month and we’re not letting it go by without sharing some favorite music! I don’t get to concerts like I used to as the farm is taking time and money.

You look through stacks of songs that have been singles and you know they’ve been played at many weddings or receptions…and they’re good songs that fit the occasion. Or perhaps a new song such as Darryl Worley’s “Tequila On Ice” or Montgomery Gentry’s “Roll With Me” catches your ear but it’s surely going to catch on and be played often and you would like something few others have played. While it’s hard to have a full library of songs that fit the occasion there is a way to narrow the field and these are a few songs that can add to a ceremony or reception – and that many probably have not heard.

1. “One Thing” – Jeff Bates off his current self titled cd is a devotion that sets the tone for such occasions. “I’m only here for one love you and keep you from ever getting lonely…” is a message that makes it worth finding this cd.

2. “What She Sees In Me” – also from Mark Wills’ “And The Crowd Goes Wild” cd is a balance ideal for the reception for the groom to dance with his mom as well as speaking to seeing the good even in less than ideal situations. This is sometimes a difficult thing to find – the bride and dad creates a tradition but this makes for a nice touch also!

3. “Is It Just Us” – Darryl Worley recorded this on his “Hard Rain Don’t Last” and not only the line of “…is the whole world in love or is it just us?” makes this suitable as a choice song. This is a song that reflects on “seeing things I never noticed until my eyes met yours.” Well worth consideration!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4. “She’s A Woman” – Mark Wills from “And the Crowd Goes Wild” cd is ideally suited for being pressed to use in honoring brides everywhere. With highlighting the everyday moments and the sacrifice of a relationship there’s little more solemn than a tribute such as this.

5. “Hucklelberry” – Toby Keith from the “Unleashed” cd tells of a young love that grew with a little different kind of story.

6. “I Would For You” from Chris LeDoux’s “After The Storm” cd speaks to someone who – at last – is settling down. “…I swore up and down that I would never say, ‘I do.’ But I would for you…” Although better known for songs like “Bareback Jack” and “Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy” this was a different side of a man lost far too soon.

7. “If I Didn’t Have You In My World” – Vince Gill recorded this on his “Pocket Full of Gold” cd pays tribute with a lyric well suited for the occasion.

8. “That Was a River” becomes a metephor in Collin Ray’s “In This Life” cd cut. “That was a river, this is the ocean; that never carried this much emotion…”

9. “A Friend To Me” highlights the basis of a relationship – a solid friendship. From Garth Brooks’ “Sevens” cd, there isn’t many Garth released that wasn’t a hit but this one speaks to the core truth many of Garth’s bigger hits are known for.

10. Toby Keith’s “Unleashed” cd holds another possibility in “Rock You Baby” – an ode to a casual meeting that turns into the real thing.

11. Montgomery Gentry – “If You Wanna Keep An Angel” from the “Some People Change” cd offers lines like “‘I’m no angel, justs lucky that I found one…” and “…if you wanna keep an angel you gotta learn to fly right.” While better known for the uptempo songs, This can fit some situations.

12. Looking for a meaning with a more uptempo sound? “This Can’t Be Love” might be a way to capture the exceeding of expectations. From Mark Wills’ “Permanently” cd.

While usually it’s the singles that get noticed it pays to listen to the entire cd – the song that captures the moment may be there!

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