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5 Pet Safety Tips for Halloween – Diva’s Domain

October 25, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPets don’t have a concept of holidays and most aren’t impressed with the ones we celebrate. Although we include our pets in many activities, it must be done with cautions and there are several to consider, for safety reasons, around Halloween. Here are some big ones to top the list.

If you’re taking your dog or other pet out as part of a costume it can be fun but remember your pet trusts you to keep them safe. Use reflective materials on the collar or included on the costume to make sure drivers see them. Snug up their collars to insure they don’t slip loose. A panicked dog at any time is not good but the high traffic in many areas is particularly dangerous for dogs and cats, especially at night.

Remember that aside from other issues of people seeing them, THEY don’t see US the same way. Costumes can scare dogs and even normally docile animals can bite in defense of themselves at an unfamiliar thing reaching for them, even if that thing is your friend the dog knows well. Hidden behind a costume can lead to misunderstandings and injury.

Keep a sharp eye on dogs to keep them out of the candy dish. Don’t allow children to feed them bits of candy that can make them sick. This includes (and especially) sugar-free candies that may have Xylitol that can be deadly as well as chocolate. Many people know about the chocolate but too few understand sugarfree candy is also toxic.

Ideally keep your pet home, inside and away from the commotion. This is much more true if you have black or orange cats or black dogs. Unfortunately there are too many cases of pets being stolen and killed related to Halloween. Don’t take a chance – bring them inside in a comfortable crate for a few hours. Keeping them in a crate with a favorite toy near but not in the activity can be the safest option. When there is a crate to rest in there is less option to dart out the door, leading to a safer Halloween for pets and people alike.

Keep candles and open flames away from pets. They don’t understand the danger and can too easily tip over a candle or pumpkin and start leaves on fire that then start the house on fire. Don’t take a chance – think safety!

These five tips can save lives. Don’t let your pet be a Halloween statistic. Think, be safe, keep them home and secure. Your pet deserves no less!

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