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Unique Gift Baskets with a Personal Touch

October 28, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMany folks are already thinking Christmas – partly to stretch out the expenses, partly to find good deals early! I’m about the Food, Farm, Life here on the blog – and this might hit all three! Sometimes ideas come easy, sometimes not so much. Over the next couple of months check back for gift ideas – not all from SlowMoneyFarm – to find the personal solution to your gift needs! (pssst – for those interested we have gift certificates too!)

Gift baskets can present themselves in many ways. If you’re looking for ideas of Christmas consider these unique gift baskets whether you purchase them made or use the inspiration to create your own. The baskets here are all listed as under $50.

Sports interest baskets can vary from the Golf Lover’s Basket and fisherman’s basket to auto racing or football. If there is not a commercial answer to the gift basket for a sport it is very easy to create one, simply by putting together items related to that sport, be it rodeo to hockey to sailing!

State baskets or those from a region are wonderful ways to share with others within the state or region and even better to send to those outside your home area! A basket from New England may have maple syrup, pancake mix, fruit preserves, coffee, tea and honey all grown in New England. For those who think the northeast is Boston and New York City this is a visual and tasty way to show them otherwise! Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, Colorado and Oklahoma are just a few with plenty of results on a Google search from farm grown fruits and cheeses to crafts. As people become aware of many farmers stepping into the direct marketing of their own products it’s a chance to not only give a wonderful gift but support financially the farms producing it. Personal interest gift baskets can include relaxing items for her or grill master gift baskets for him. There’s gift baskets for horse lovers and coffee enthusiasts. Gardening, tea, chocolate and pets are other popular gift baskets. With a little looking online you can find not just pets, not just dog but the specific breed of dog for someone’s gift basket. Baskets with three types of honey, handmade soaps and other items especially homemade items are popular.

Professional interest gift baskets can be directly or indirectly about the recipient’s job. A professional who enjoys wine may like a wine accessory gift or a custom basket you add the wine separately. Cheese and meat baskets complete with crackers and a cutting board or with a variety of cheeses from cheesemakers are also popular in many commercial places.

Gift baskets are an easy all in one way to give great, useful gifts and can be under $50 or go to over $100 for those with more means. For some a basket with wine or smoked salmon can be $150 or more as corporate gift baskets with the same place having available 10 caviars or gourmet cheeses from around the world and a Wisconsin Angus Beef Sausage for under $30 that allows for ‘one stop shopping’. We have packages too at SlowMoneyFarm!

For many reasons gift baskets can fit the bill. Find one that fits the person you have in mind!

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