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6 Budget Friendly gift Baskets for Men

November 3, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGift baskets for the men in your life may be as varied as the men themselves. From the executive to the hard working weekend grill master to the laid back shoulda-been-a-farmer (or maybe IS a farmer!) there’s the ideal gift basket for all and all can be budget friendly. Here are six ideas for creating gift baskets that are budget friendly gift baskets and sure to please.

Gift baskets for a certain era, say from the ’70s or 80s can bring back memories. At under $40 with five pounds of candy from the chosen time frame this can be a great gift, especially if packaged with a couple favorite CDs he may not have from the same time.

Golf gift baskets are popular, and while there are many commercially prepared ones available for many home prepared is appreciated too. Golf tees, balls, towels and other general use items are easy to put together. Look for unusual shirts or other items with a golfing theme, which is very popular so easy to find individual items. Whether he golfs once in a while or just would like to pick it up again, this is a popular theme. Those who run or do other sports also tend to be involved.

One of the most popular suggestions is a much more basic format. Beer, a selection of snacks, perhaps a mug with a favorite sport or interest represented on it. Some may prefer the wine and cheese variations while for others it’s whisky or bourbon thank you. Whatever the choice of drink, a theme basket of drink and snacks is a winner that can cater to his likes. For those who don’t drink alcohol use water and healthy snacks!

The barbeque domain offers another great budget friendly gift basket idea. An inexpensive (but good value) set of utensils, some BBQ sauce, homemade rubs and maybe even a book of the latest grilling techniques and recipes. Top it off with a BBQ apron that is serious or humorous and it’s a useful gift that’s easy on the budget.

Some guys their “mistress” is their car so what better theme for a gift than catering to it? Whether it’s Camaroes or Mustangs or less “popular” such as sporty RX7 s this can be small accessories for the inside, wax, chamois and car care items and if you know for sure parts numbers even a basket for an oil change including filter and oil. If his car is a pickup or 4-wheel drive it can take a little adapting of items for the gift basket but the same principles apply. Collector items, mugs and other goodies are also great to include in this gift basket.

Sports fans are not hard to find and many men mince no words when the game is on if you’re interrupting it better be with a pizza and even that waits for the big play on the field. You can find either general items related to the sport or, if a particular team is of interest find some items to include with that on it. Put together a snack pack of some of his favorite treats. Homemade is always good here!

If he’s career orientated at the office or in his career find small items that he can use or that represent his career. A police officer, or plumber or business executive there are many ideas that present themselves and not all will be the same. Perhaps a pair of padded knee protections for the guy whose job has him crawling under things or a humorous T-shirt for the firefighter. A gift basket of small games, puzzles, snacks and other goodies can make a big difference to a soldier serving overseas both to pass the time and that someone remembered them.

We have things to combine at the store page too.

Whatever his interests there’s a budget friendly gift basket waiting to be created. Pay attention the next couple weeks and see if you don’t get some hints!

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