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10 Top Gifts for Christmas or Any Occasion

November 18, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe quest for unusual gift ideas starts long before the Christmas holiday season. Unusual gifts may be tailored to the person. The cost is usually more expensive than some other gifts but here are five unusual gift ideas over $50 and five under $50. Of course we have several options both under and over $50 right here too! Shop our store!

Ideas Generally Over $50

Do you spend a lot of time at the pool in the back yard? Need a durable phone that stands up to the poolside? Better yet how about a waterproof floating phone for just over $50. This is a waterproof phone that is backlit for ease of use in the dark and if it drops in the pool it can remain submerged for 30 minutes without harm. This is a cordless phone that has a handset that can be mounted on the wall under cover. A poolside phone is a good idea in case of emergencies as well as the convenience of being outside yet still accessible.

Walking sticks and canes are a popular and sometimes needed item. From hand carved works of art to bull canes these are decorative and for those with occasional balance or other issues are a chance to be a little more steady without feeling helpless as needing a cane. A wide selection of handmade and unique canes are found in the under $100 range. These can ease the embarrassment some feel needing a cane by gifting a useful and decorative work of art.

The music lover will love the Bose radio/CD player. Yes there are cheaper systems available and they may do the job well. I thought that too until I visited someone who had an awesome sounding system that I couldn’t find in the room. You guessed it – there was a Bose music system in the corner of the room. It’s about $500 and basic colors only but the sound is incredible. A larger system is available also including with a 5 CD changer. Bose also has theater systems and – for the traveler – headphones.

Western art from hides to coasters to pillows and rugs bring the West indoors. A longhorn hide gives a one of a kind gift that adds a western flair to a room on the wall. For those who want more of the west finished longhorn skulls or taxidermy mounts are another one of a kind gift as they are available.

Perhaps your gift recipient bought a home, had a child, got married or had other life changes. One of the biggest gifts you can give is home security protection or an emergency preparedness kit. Either of these can save a life and that is the best gift at all. You can purchase entire kits or put together kits on your own.

Ideas Often Under $50

Personalized items are a hit! A good clear photo lends itself to a personalized mug, on up to a throw blanket of the person’s pet, child, scenic photo or other image. These can be mail ordered or as close as your local Walgreens store. Easy templates allow placing multiple photos in a collage. A beautiful throw blanket can be created for right at $50 that is distinctive and truly one of a kind.

Calendars with their favorite photos are another thing that can be created on places online such as or – both allow creation of calendars at a very reasonable price. These use your photos and you can order just one or more of them. Be very careful in approving as what you approve (including errors) is what will be printed. These can be a beautiful way to share their life in pictures throughout the year for under $15. You can also choose from the many beautiful calendars and items other people have up for sale and make it a good Christmas for your recipient and the small entrepreneur. Some may be certain topics such as dogs or flowers while others are more general such as a country theme or city images.

A spa day at home. Asking women for their dream gift and it is common for “a day at the spa” to be an answer. While many may not be able to do a gift certificate at the spa there is a way to provide a wonderful gift at home for well under $50. Check your discount stores for some basics. Get candles or incense in her favorite scents. Check for soaps in those scents as well as bath oils, bath salts and other things. Get a pretty towel in her favorite color to roll up and go with it. You can see examples of many ‘spa gift baskets’ online and duplicate it very inexpensively. Ladies – remember men often like these too! They’re more likely to like the earthy scents than florals but don’t overlook the idea!

Toys! We often don’t leave behind toys when we grow up. From Breyer horses to remote controlled cars or air planes many adults still retain an interest in toys and enjoy a new item. These can sometimes be as little as $10 and, for custom one of a kind items, well over $50. The standard off the shelf items however are popular even with adults.

Books or magazines can be an inexpensive item that keeps our minds alert. Whether it’s to learn a new skill or pursuing an interest books can help. There are a wide variety of both available for under $50.

It is a small effort to choose creative gifts, but these will make a memorable gift. Unusual gift ideas abound!

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